The Dracoverse

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Title: The Dracoverse
Author(s): Kaylee (KayJay)
Date(s): 2000? - ?
Fandom: Batman/DC Comics
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The Dracoverse is a series of fics written by Kaylee and other writers: Dannell Lites, Diamonde, Falstaff, Frito, Heatherly Hodges, Jaya Mitai, JB McDragon, Maggie the Cat, Mel, Paradogz, Shai Perihawk, Smitty, and Trisha Lynn.

"The 'canon' Dracoverse is written by me, Kaylee, and chronicled in 'Here There Be...' and other stories under my name. Other contributions have varying degrees of impact on that storyline. "


Below is the summary for "Here There Be...", the first fic in this verse.

Another son of the Bat has staked a claim to the Corner, one of the roughest districts in Gotham.


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