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Title: WXYZine
Publisher: Romulan Press
Editor(s): Guinn Berger
Date(s): 1978-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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WXYZine is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology.

The publisher describes it as a "Trekzine focusing on the Enterprise personnel and their personal/professional encounters."

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #1

WXYZine 1 was published in March 1978 and contains 92 pages.

From the editorial:

A more general note: of thanks goes to all the fine fen who have (often without knowing it) shown us by their example that it is possible to put out a halfway decent zine without charging a young fortune. The idea of losing mimeo occured last spring at SekWesterCon*Too, and various methods of insuring successful repro in that medium have been suggested by other zine eds. (Not to mention the A.B. Dick Co. — they are extremely generous with free advice.)


Now for a statement of editorial policy: this is an IDIC zine. That means we intend to try for as many diverse viewpoints as we can comfortably include between our covers. (Let's face it, folks — no one can be expected to handle all the ideas possible in fandom, but we are trying.) We do appreciate quality of craftsmanship in writing and drawing, but content is very flexible as far as we're concerned. And one more thing — as new fan writers ourselves, we are especially sensitive to the hopes and frustrations of other newcomers. We are anxious to find new talent, and willing to work with contributors to help polish their work. (Unless - hope, hope - it doesn't need polishing in the first place.)
  • front cover by Jennifer Ferris, inside cover by Diane Scott
  • other art by Jennifer Ferris, Diane Scott, Guinn Berger, Susan Wyllie, and Nancy Hopson
  • Editorial (1)
  • We Wish to Observe by Jennifer Ferris (3)
  • Response by Dayle Palko (16)
  • The Refusal... by Dayle Palko (17)
  • The Brightest Blade by Dayle Palko (18)
  • Janice Lester, the Eternal Puzzle by Dayle Palko (19)
  • She Loves Me Not by Guinn Berger (21)
  • Zine Reviews by Dixie Owen (25)
  • Con Report: Alamo City Con by Dixie Owen (29)
  • Word Search (32)
  • The Castanets "A Novellette by Murky L. Dodge -- (Review by Nettie Picker)" -- this is a review done as a parody for the zine The Castaways. It is unknown if it was done with the permission or knowledge of the original author, Mary Louise Dodge. See The Castaways to read "The Castanets." (35)
  • Story Contest (36)
  • Security by Jennifer Ferris (37)
  • For Miramanee by Susan Wyllie (46)
  • Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains by Susan Wyllie (47)
  • To Captain Kirk by Susan Wyllie (49)
  • In Every Port by Susan Wyllie (49)
  • Turn and Believe (a parody) by Guinn Berger (50)
  • Meanwhile, in the Physics Lab by Harriet Stallings (51)
  • Solution to word serarch (52)
  • Crate Collection, satire by Guinn Berger (topic is fan stories and Spock's propensity to marry a woman and then become a widower) (53)
  • The Deadly Sunshine by Nancy Hopson (58)

Issue 2

WXYZine 2 was published in 1979 and contains 141 pages. It was edited by Guinn Berger and features stories, articles, poems, puzzles, and illustrations. Front cover is by Harriet Stallings; interior art is by Beckey Aulenbach, Guinn Berger, Jan Boll, Diane Scott, Harriet Stallings, and Susan Wyllie.

front cover of issue #2, Harriet Stallings
back cover of issue #2, Diane Scott
The editorial:

Hello again... Here we are. Only 6 months late, too... Berger's Law: Never-promise a publishing date until the stencils are ready to run off. Next issue: SOMETIME THIS YEAR. Don't hold your-breath, but we're hoping for midsummer. First off, I want to thank everyone involved in the birth of this second issue: 1- My husband Ed -- he puts up with a lot. 2. My parents, [names redacted], without whom this would not have been possible. They babysat, provided crash space for zine gofers, and fed all of us on many occasions. 3. Our contributers, of course; Alphabetically they are: Beckey Aulenbach, Dayle Barker, Jan Boll, Leslie Fish, Diane Scott, Harriett Stallings, Christine Thomson, and Susan Wyllie.

(Dayle Barker, by the way, is Dayle Palko, who recently has gone back to the use of her own name: Barker. Courage, Dayle, and thanks.) 4- The Angel of the Electro-stencils, Caro Hedge. Without her kind help WXYZine #2 would be minus nine pages, with illos yet. 5. Our Slavey Squad. The gofers principally Pat Long (suffering) and Cathy Czene, worked hard and tedious hours to get our zine launched.

The hazards of thish included artwork which had to be run by hand, due to large dark areas, which caused the paper to stick to the ink drum. Each page had to be peeled off separately. *SIGH* Also, the mimeo developed a taste for stencils and mimeo bond. It ate several stencils and quite a bit of paper.

We discovered that this tendency could be countered by running the Beast at slow speed, and holding in place the pin which supports the ink drum — otherwise it falls off and... you really don't want to know..

A COUPLE OF NOTES: Harriett Stallings, whose fiction we featured lastish and whose fabulous artwork graces our cover and contents (not to mention her poetry!) thish, has written a novel entitled "Labyrinth" — a thriller, with illos by various artists including Leslie Fish, Virginia Jacobson and H. Stallings. Romulan Press estimates publication date will be late summer/autumn '79. [1]

New Alliance, a novellette by Marjorie Robbins, is now in production and hoped to be ready by 2 Con in Lansing this May. A minimum of 50 pre-orders is needed to help defray production costs. Price is $3.50 first class/UPS; approximately 65 pp. plus illos.

PLEASE!!!!! WXYZine received a number of fine LoCs on #1, and we loved all of them. We'd like to hear from you, too. Our Lettercol was dropped this time due to a lack of space, but we look forward to printing at least two pages of letters next time — preferably four. (Personally, I am hurt... NOBODY sent in an entry to our story contest. *SOB!*)

  • NASA Man, poem by Harriett Stallings (inside cover)
  • Editorial (2)
  • Yuko of the Frozen Waste by Guinn Berger (4)
  • Lost Love by Susan Wyllie (16)
  • The Children of Skaya by Susan Wyllie (18)
  • photos from August Party 1978 (not listed in the table of contents)
  • a con report by Dixie Owen for Schuster Star Trek Conventions/1978 Atlanta Schuster Star Trek Convention (not listed in the table of contents) (54)
  • photos from OddyCon (not listed in the table of contents) (56)
  • Trek vs SF?: A Con Comparison by Cathy Czene (analysis regarding OddyCon August 1978 and E/C-2 (MASS) ConFusion, January 1979 in Ann Arbor, MI) (not listed in the table of contents) (57)
  • a con report by Nan Lewis for Schuster Star Trek Conventions/1978 (September) New York City Schuster Star Trek Convention, mentions a proto-fan vid and a fan film using Megs Star Trek dolls (not listed in the table of contents) (58)
  • Star Challenge by Harriett Stallings (59)
  • Brother by Harriett Stallings (60)
  • This Vessel Grim and Daring by Christine T. (61)
  • VULCAN!, a review by Guinn Berger, see that page (65)
  • A Negligible Difference, part one by Guinn Berger (In this story, Kirk is female and named Captain Jean Theresa Kirk. But then it turns out it is male-Kirk's dream.... except when he awakes and looks in the mirror, he really is female. There has been a switch due to some sort of mirror universe. There are backstories regarding the episode "Return to Paradise" with Miramanee and Salish, as well as a Janice Lester backstory about guilt, gender, and suicide.) (66)
  • Anacrostrek by Jennifer Ferris (93)
  • One Morning at the Obelisk by Leslie Fish (94)
  • Occupied Spaces by Harriett Stallings (95)
  • Vulcan Dancer by Susan Wyllie (97)
  • Word Search by Jennifer Ferris (98)
  • Homecoming by Jennifer Ferris (99)
  • Four Poems by Dayle Barker (139)

Issue 3

WXYZine 3 was published in 1981. The front cover is by Harriet Stallings. Other art is by Nan Lewis, Susan Wyllie, and Guinn Berger.

cover of issue #3, Harriet Stallings
From the table of contents page:
Note: Illo of Plassus appears with thanks to Della Van Hise, whose donation of a photo of said engelman was invaluable. ARTISTS PLEASE NOTE: One reason why WXYZine is so tardy is the dearth of artwork available. (Notice there are only three illos by anyone other than one of your humble editors.) Let's hear it out there (please?) -- who's willing to illo stories for Romulan Press? Huh? Anyone? Please?
  • Letters (ii)
  • Stranded, poem by Dolly Cook (inside front cover)
  • The Curse of Okazan by Susan Wyllie (1)
  • Diary of a Madwoman by Diane Tessman (a form of this story, or perhaps just retitled, was reprinted in Organia (1982) and Starry Seas, Earthly Planes (1984)) (14)
  • Strengths by Nadine K. Fowler (21)
  • Red Flower, poem by Leslie Fish (39)
  • How Do You Catch a Starship by Susan Crites (40
  • A Branch of Shiresha by Harriet Stallings (58)
  • A Negligible Difference, part 2 by Guinn Berger (73)
  • Eye-Witness Report: From a Letter by Susan Stephenson (106)
  • untitled poem by Sue Heath (108)


  1. ^ This zine appears to have never been published. See Proposed Zines.