Dixie Owen

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Name: Dixie Owen
Type: Columnist, photographer
Fandoms: Star Trek
Communities: Star Trek Welcomittee
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Dixie Owen was a Star Trek fan writer and fanzine publisher. Her reviews were published in the Fanzine Review 'Zine.

She also wrote "Dixie's Clippings", the Star Trek Syndicated News Column that appeared in many fan publications around the USA, including The Fleet Herald, the official newsletter of the Star Trek fan club Trek International.

Dixie was also an active member of Bill Shatner's fan fellowship, Dixie was one of a group who were allowed to visit the set of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home while it was filming. Her photographs of that club's events were widely reproduced for everyone's enjoyment. She was always seen toting her camera and snapping pictures of unsuspecting fen. Dixie was also a welcomed attendee at the Baltimore/Washington K/S cons in the early '80s." [1]

Dixie passed away in November 1998 at the age of 81.

Remembering Dixie

From a remembrance of columnist Dixie Owen:

"Letterzine Columnist, Photographer, Star Trek Welcommittee worker. Dixie was an original pistol who always made her presence known with her distinctive voice. She worked on the vastly popular letterzine, Interstat, contributing a regular column on all the entertainment news to come out of Hollywood, the rumors, the latest tidbits of information coming into the STW, for which she worked, from TPTB and other sources. In those early days of fandom, letterzines, which were published and distributed on a regular, often monthly or bi-monthly schedule, were the primary means of communication among fans around the world as well as the states. They were our Listservs, our mailing lists, our forerunner of the chat rooms."

Fanzines and Publications with which Dixie was involved


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