The Fleet Herald

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Title: The Fleet Herald
Publisher: Trek International / Reconnaissance Press
Editor(s): Anthony Wynn, Catriona MacGregor
Date(s): 1983-1987
Frequency: bimonthly
Medium: print
Size: 8.5 x 11 inch
Fandom: Star Trek
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The Fleet Herald was published on a bi-monthly basis, distributed to the membership of Trek International, a Star Trek fan organization. The inaugural issue was released in December 1983 and was dated December 1983/January 1984.

It was published in a 8.5 x 11 inch format, issues typically ran eight pages in length. The first seven newsletters were released under the imprint of the Reconnaissance Press and edited by Tony Wynn. Assistance with organization and printing was provided by Phyllis Wood.

Issues included news from the world of Star Trek, as well as news about the actors and guest stars. By special arrangement, Trek International was able to include the column "Dixie's Clippings", the Star Trek Syndicated News Column by Dixie Owen, in select issues.

Often, interviews with Star Trek actors were printed, including such personalities Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), Bibi Besch (Carol Marcus), James Doohan (Scotty), and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Additionally, information and news concerning the operations of Trek International also appeared in each issue. Other features in the newsletter were letters to the editor, Star Trek convention listings, classified advertisements, and reviews of Star Trek novels.

The periodical was published from 1983 to 1987. Note: Volume 2, Issues 7 and 8 were mis-numbered; they should have been notated as Volume 3, Issues 1 and 2.