Anime House Presents

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Title: Anime House Presents
Publisher: Anime House Insanity Productions
Editor(s): Marg Baskin
Date(s): 1988-?
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Anime House Presents is an anime zine. The publisher describes it as "A mixed-world zine, featuring fiction, art, poetry and cartoons based on anime (JapAnimation) shows and manga (graphic novels)." [1]

It is unclear if it is het, femslash or slash. There are eleven issues, and issue #7 required an age statement to purchase.

V.M. Wyman

Some of V.M. Wyman's fanworks are online here.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Anime House Presents 1 was published in 1988 and contains 152 pages. Along with the fiction, it contains artwork, poetry, original manga and cartoons by Marg Baskin, Jeanette Eile, Jule Froelich, Nei Mo Han, Lawrence Sufrin, Colleen Winters and V.M. Wyman. The fiction summaries below are from the title page.

  • Everyone Excels at Something (Gundam) by Karen Klinck. "For teenage military cadets Char Aznable and Garma Zabi, that 'something' is in the fine art of getting themselves in trouble."
  • Between Worlds (SPT Layzner) by Marg Baskin. "Half-human/half-alien, and outcast from both races, Eiji finds precarious sanctuary with a team of partisans fighting to save Earth from the alien Grados."
  • The Rescue by Waylaid Mann (Eroica "With enemy agents on his tail, Agent A isn't in a position to say 'no' to any haven."
  • Act of Cruelty (Gundam) by Steph Rendino. "Garma is sixteen and studying for exams. Alone in the palace, he should be safe..."
  • For One Day's Rule (Vampire Hunter D) by Julie Froelich (1989 FanQ short story winner) "Trapped, injured and beset by demons, Ray Ginsay thinks his situation can't get any worse. Nothing could be farther from the truth."
  • Angel by Kay Reynolds (Eroica) "Searching for the lost treasure of Alexander, the Major and Dorian are taken prisoner by mercenary Richard Cold. Dorian must take a terrible risk to protect the treasure... and save their lives."

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Anime House Presents 2 was published in 1989 and contains 154 pages. Along with fiction, it contains, material by Cyrissa Adamson, Constance Dickson-Otty, Jeanette Eilke, Pat Malone, Nei Mo Han, Felicia O'Sullivan, Robert Perchaluk, Lawrence Sufrin, TACS and V.M. Wyman. Fiction summaries below are from the title page.

  • Electra's Song (Saint Seiya) by Susan Tull "Electra, former Saint of Ares, has defected to Athena. Ares sends an emissary to destroy the traitor,: a man she will not fight."
  • The Mole's Hole by RM (Patalliro) by Ron Milles. "Bancoran is a traitor? Maraich mist join forces with Patalliro to find his missing lover and discover the truth."
  • Guardian Dear (ZZ Gundam) by Steph Rendino "The ghost of Garma Zabi haunts Hamaa Kaan's palace. His existence is aimless until a meeting with his niece, Mineba, provides the restless spirit with a new purpose."
  • In His Debt (Urashiman) by Karen Klinck "A misfire trap imprisons Claude and Rudobihhi beneath the ruins of an abandoned tenement. When personal survival forces a truce between enemies, can things ever be the sam as they were before?"
  • Icarus Also Burned (Saint Seiya) by Nei Mo Han "Marin turns to gold Saint Leo-Aoiria for help in rescuing her pupil, Siya. But when the rescue's over, the real story begins."
  • Thoughts Contingent on the Totally Rad (Lupin III) by V.M. Wyman "Since he's worked with Lupin III, Goemon Ishikawa has been forced to play many roles. But Goemon as a rock singer? Dressed in leather? With his hair dyed blue? Naahhh. It couldn't happen..."

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Heather Bruton
back cover of issue #3, April Lee

Anime House Presents 3 was published in 1990 and contains 159 pages.

  • Hi There (2)
  • What Price Dreams? (Mospeada) by Anastasia Papadatos, art by Heather Bruton (3)
  • Voltron County, Episode 1 by V.M. Wyman (22)
  • Thoughts Contingent on a Three-Second Warning (Lupin III) by V.M. Wyman, art by Wyman (23)
  • Voltron County, Episode 2 by V.M. Wyman (48)
  • Don't Use Your Cosmo in the Kitchen! (Saint Seiya) by Jay Felton, art by Cyrissa Adamson (49)
  • Voltron County, Episode 3 by V.M. Wyman (58)
  • Child of Snow, manga by Heather Bruton (59)
  • Forbidden Fruit (Patalliro!) by Steph Rendio, art by APril Lee (68)
  • Kiss of a Stranger (Dirty Pair) by Michael Bellinger (90)
  • Two Blades (Dunbine) poem and art by Heather Bruton (124)
  • Dark Thoughts by Candlelight (Samurai Troopers) by Pat Munson-Siter, art by Munson-Siter (125)
  • Voltron County, Episode 4/5 by V.M. Wyman (128)
  • Be Careful of Your Little Boy (Patalliro!) by Barbara T, art by Lee Dunning (130)
  • Ashibe Yoho's 'Crystal Dragon' portfolio and commentary by Heather Bruton (134)
  • Hunger/Prey (Catseye) by Karen Klinck (143)
  • Submission Guidelines (159)
  • Front cover art by Heather Bruton, back cover art by April Lee

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4

Anime House Presents 4 was published in 1990. 166 pp. Art by Heather Bruton, Larry deSouza, V.M. Wyman and April Lee.

Issue 5

Anime House Presents 5 was published in 1991, contains 150 pages and has fiction from Eroica, Lupin III, Patalliro!, Captain Harlock, Orguss, Albator and SPT Layzner

cover of issue #5

Issue 6

Anime House Presents 6 was published in 1992 or before, contains 168 pages and has fiction from The Dirty Pair, Deimos no Hanayome, Saint Seiya and Lupin III.

  • authors include Ryan Matthews, Karen Klinck, Ann Nichols, Ron Miles, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Ann Nichols and V.M. Wyman
  • art by Heather Bruton, Frank Gembeck Jr., April Lee, Joyce Norton, Felicie O'Sullivan, Bonnie Reitz, Terrie Smith, Colleen Winters and V.M. Wyman

Issue 7

Anime House Presents 7 'was published in 1992 or before, contains 166 pages and has material from the Dirty Pair, Saint Seiya, Sharato, Alien Street, Samurai Troopers, and Patalliro!

  • writers include Ryan Matthews, Heather Bruton, Kathleen Moffre, Tina Cawi, Karen Klinck, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, and Ron Miles
  • art by Heather Bruton, Frank Gembeck Jf., Pat Munson-Siter, and Robert Perchaluk.

Issue 8

Anime House Presents 8 contains 166 pages. It has fiction by V.M. Wyman (Lupin III); Mark Barnard (Gundam); Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (Gatchaman/Dirty Pair); Steph Rendino (Zeta Gundam); Kathleen Moffre (Char's Counterattack); Deborah J. Bernard (Eroica).

  • Turnaround by Deborah J. Bernard (Eroica)
  • "Thoughts Contingent on a Blithe Spirit" by V.M. Wyman (may be in this issue)
  • other unknown content

Issue 9

Anime House Presents 9 was published in 1993 and contains 164 pages. It has fiction by fiction by Deborah J. Bernard (Macron 1); Heather Bruton (Saint Seiya); Lee Dunning (Patalliro!); Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (Saint Seiya); V.M. Wyman (Lupin III).

cover of issue #9
  • Strange Bedfellows (Macron I) (11 pages)
  • The Beast Within (Saint Selya) (29 pages)
  • Choosing (Saint Selya) (11 pages)
  • A Short Essay On the Possible Nature Of The Athonian Cloths (Saint Selya) (4 pages)
  • Fool’s Gold (Portfolio) (25 pages)
  • RG Vola (Portfolio) (8 pages)
  • Owner Of The Lonely Heart (Lupin III) (18 pages)
  • Foreign Affair (Lupin III) (29 pages)
  • Grand Designs (Lupin III) (25 pages)

Issue 10

Anime House Presents 10 contains 154 pages. It has fiction by fiction by April Lee (Deimos no Hanayome); Heather Bruton (Saint Seiya); Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (Saint Seiya/Shurato); Deborah Brown (Macron 1/Deimos & Macron 1); Tracey Dinneen (Robotech); Karen Klinck (Samurai Ghostbusters); Kamara Lufkin (Devilman).

Issue 11

Anime House Presents 11 contains 150 pages. It has fiction by Karen Klinck (From Eroica with Love); Jim Cobb (Macross); John Spencer (City Hunter); V.M. Wyman (Lupin III); Deborah Brown (Legend of the Galactic Heroes). Plus humor by Hans.

  • Morning After by Karen Klinck (Eroica)
  • Operation Trouble by Karen Klinck (Eroica)
  • Mirror Image by LD (Patalliro)
  • Thoughts Contingent on the Wrong Box by V.M. Wyman ("Summary: What happens when two infamous thieves are hired independently to steal the same object? They join forces, of course. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen.") (sequel to "Thoughts Contingent on a Blithe Spirit.”)
  • other unknown content


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