Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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Name: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Abbreviation(s): LoGH, LotGH, GinEiDen
Creator: Yoshiki Tanaka
Date(s): 1982-89 (novels), 1988-97 (OVA), 2018-present (Die Neue These)
Medium: Novels, OVA, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Legend of the Galactic Heroes, or Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, was originally a series of 10 novels. In the West, it's primarily known for its OVA series, which despite its length is one of the most highly respected titles in anime fandom.


LoGH is considered part of the space opera genre. Along with a sprawling cast, it contains lengthy musings on politics and human nature.


On AO3, a sizable proportion of the works are in Russian or Chinese.


LoGH also has a devoted BL following. Some of the most popular ships are Reinhard/Kircheis, Reuenthal/Mittermeyer, and Schenkopp/Yang.