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Synonyms: mecha, mechs
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Giant war robots, usually bipedal. Most common in manga and anime series such as Gundam Wing or Macross 7. Mechas can come in many shapes and sizes, and another version of the mecha is the combined-mecha, where members of a team must unite their machines to create an ultimate fighting robot. This occurs in shows like Voltron

History and Origins

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There are many current, ongoing, and past fandoms in which mechas are integral to the plot or storylines.


Some common tropes in fandoms with mechas include:

  • The Missing Piece: Fics will be written about an additional mecha to the team, either a mecha that has been missing, or is another part of a different legend. These missing mechas tend to be godlike, angelic, or even demonic. Many examples of the missing piece tend to be the most powerful mecha in the universe according to the fic.
  • Just a Legend: Sometimes the mechas that show up in shows are part of a larger legend, myth, or prophesy in the canon. They are considered almost magic, even though the format of the mecha is deeply rooted in mechanical, technical, sci fi.
  • Found Family: Often a team of misfits comes together as part of a mecha army, and create intense relationships with each other.
  • Badass Names: Many mechas are named. Examples include Pacific Rim's mechas, some of which are: Gipsy Danger, Shaolin Rogue, Crimson Typhoon, etc. Voltron is another example.