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Name: Patalliro!
Creator: Mineo Maya
Date(s): 1979-today
Medium: manga, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Official website in Japanese
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This manga and anime combines the comic hijinks of the boy king Patalliro of Malynera with the torrid yaoi romance of Bancoran and Maraich.

Canon Overview

The small nation of Malynera is one of the world's major diamond sources, which means that it and its king are under constant attack by a shadowy cartel called the Diamond Syndicate. Jack Bancoran of MI-6 is often assigned to protect the annoying little king, which is usually a simple matter as in this fictional universe, virtually all assassins are beautiful gay teenage boys, who swoon over Bancoran the instant they see him.

The Characters

  • Patalliro, 10-year-old king of Malynera, genius and annoying brat
  • Jack Bancoran (or Jack Van Colan, among other renditions), British MI-6 agent so adept at seducing good-looking young men that he is nicknamed "Bishounen Killer"
  • Maraich, teenage pretty-boy assassin assigned to kill Bancoran who instead becomes his steady boyfriend

The manga has canon mpreg, with Maraich giving birth to Bancoran's son.

The Fandom

It is unlikely that this series will ever be licensed in the West, due to the underage romance. A few years ago a fan translation project started up. Somehow fanfics were being published as early as the 80's; it is unknown if there was an earlier fan translation project or if the Western fans learned Japanese or got summaries from Japanese speakers. It is a small fandom with only a handful of fanfics.

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