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Title: Dilithium
Publisher: The Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks
Editor(s): Carol Lee
Date(s): November 1969
Frequency: "infrequently" -- possibly only once
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Dilithium is a Star Trek: TOS club newsletter. It could be yours in 1969 for a dime and a single SASE.

front page of the first/only (?) issue

It was edited by Carol Lee, and published by The Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks.

From the first (only?) issue: The newsletter was the "official unauthorized scandal rag [that] brings you slanderous gossip, grapevined accounts, behind the scenes rumors, scathing tales of dare'n'do, libelous revelations, and incriminating evidence."

It was a reaction to lateness of another zine: "Because Anti-Matter #4 will be very late (as usual) this newsletter was hastily created to fill the void and to let everyone know that Tilosk still exists despite the lace of evidence lately. Since Star Trek was cancelled by NBC many questions have been asked regarding both the show and Tilosk."

The question asked and answered:

1) What Will Happen to the Club?

2) What About Dues?

3) What About Star Trek Souvenirs?

4) Will There Be a Third Season Supplement to the "Star Trek Concordance"?

5) Can I Buy a Copy of Anti-Mater Number Two?

V.1 N.1

It is likely that this first issue was the only one. It was published in November 1969 and contains 5 pages.

  • explanation of the newsletter and questions asked and answered (1)
  • The Battle Rages On ("Star Trek Enterprises still urges fans to write the networks for a possible rebirth of ST in January 1070 or September 1970." (2)
  • results of a Detroit fan contest: various fans are mentioned along with their designs for "Design a Starship Contest" -- Laura Basta is the winner, other outstanding entries are by Kathy Bushman, Susan Crites, Joannie Huberman, John Reinhart, Kris Tracy, Steve Whitlock, Jari Lynn Wood, Glenn Perelson (2)
  • a complicated account of a fan award called "The Igors" -- involves a fan club of animals called "Isis Fan Club" and various shenanigans (2)
  • "There's a Girl in My Soup!" Or, How We Made a Space Kook Out of James T. Kirk, an off-the-wall review of the movie (3)
  • The Invasion of Fun City, U.S.A., an account of some fans' trip to New York City (5)
  • "Tribble Smuggler Sue Smith" has opened an Australian branch of Tilosk which she calls DUSK -- Down Under Space Kooks." (5)