The Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks

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You may be looking for the Australian fan club, Down Under Space Kooks.

Fan Club
Name: The Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks (TILOSK)
Dates: around September 1968-August 1971
Founder(s): Carol Lee
Country based in: US
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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The Interplanetary Organization of Space Kooks was a very early Star Trek: TOS fan club.

In 1969, it had 85 members.

Early Descriptions

A November 1968 ad in ST-Phile #2:


The ultimate in Star Trek Fandom: The Interplanetary Legion Of Space Kooks (TILOSK), dedicated to ST bad guys, subversive space activity, the overthrow of Star Fleet and other nutty projects. Open to all Terran Tyrants, Vulcan Vulgarians, Klingon Kronies, Romulan Rebels, Triskelion Terrorists, Andorian Anarchists, Tribble Smugglers, Mudd's Mob, etc. Anything goes, Wanted: Officers, Legionaires [sic], Kooks, ideas, contributions, & person with mimeograph machine. If interested write and send SASE to: TILOSK, c/o Carol Lee [New York City address redacted]. If not interested, write anyway!

From Plak-Tow #13 (March 1969):

Dues 12 per year plus eight 6 cent stamps. Carol sends word that Gene Roddenberry has accepted an honorary membership as Commander-in-Chief of the NBC Peacock Pluckers squadron of TILOSK. A club journal will be out soon with fannish writings, cartoons, reviews, and a contest.

Some Publications

  • Anti-Matter; the first issue of "Anti-Matter" was the club's handbook of rules
  • Dilithium, "an unauthorized scandal rag" created to "fill the void" due to the late publication of Anti-Matter #4

Some Early Club Rules

As you may have gathered, The Interplanetary Legion of Space Kooks is a club based entirely upon illogic and is therefore in opposition to (ANTI) anything that makes sense (stuff that MATTERS). Thus, the title of this zine. Absurd, you say? Well, I warned ya.

Why have such an organization? Because every hero, every worthy cause, and every logical thing has followers and fans. However, what about the villains, the evil deeds and illogical things? Without a villain there is no hero. Without evil there is no reason to fight for truth and Justice. And without absurdities logic would make no sense. This club is also dedicated to everyone who is enchanted by outer space, the stars, galaxies and unexplored universe. And to those who love to dream, speculate and conjure up imaginative worlds, people and adventure.

Since most of us are Star Trek fans, this TV show shall be referred to every now and then. Also thanks to Star Trek, we have the names of the club's eleven squadrons.

Each Legionaire [sic] has the right to:
Receive one membership card per year.
Receive one copy of ANTI-MATTER #1 — the club's handbook.
Receive six more issues of ANTI-MATTER.
Place free classified ads in ANTI-MATTER.
Vote on club proposals which appear in ANTIMATTER.
Submit material for publication in ANTI-MATTER.
Most humble apologies to those who receive a carbon copy of this handbook. With any luck, the next ish will be mimeographed. Congratulations to the lucky few who receive original copies.

I. Squadrons:

Each member shall belong to one of the 11 squadrons. A member may NOT transfer to another squadron until his membership expires. Upon renewing your membership, if you wish to switch squadrons, fill out a new application form and request a transfer.

II. Public Relations: Any fan club prexy who prints a free ad for TILOSK in his clubzine shall become an honorary Legionaire and may submit free ads to ANTI-MATTER.

Any fanzine editor who sends the Commandant a free copy of his zine will receive a free copy of ANTI-MATTER in exchange.

Club officers are designated as follows:

President --- Commandant
Vice President --- First Officer
Secretary --- Communications Officer

TILOSK is composed of the following squadrons:

1. Terran Tyrants
2. Vulcan Vulgarians
3. Klingon Kronies
4. Romulan Rebels
5. Triskelion Terrorists
6. Andorian Anarchists
7. Tribble Smugglers
8. Mudd's Mob
9. Regulan Bloodworms
10. Rigelian Renegades
11. Oracles of Orion (the Commandant, First Officer, and Communications Officer)

The first 10 OFFICIAL members (those who pay dues) shall become the 10 squadron Captains. Those who volunteer for typing duty on ANTI-MATTER will have the rank of YEOMAN, unless they are already Captains or other officers.

Each member is a Legionaire.

The first 10 OFFICIAL members (those who pay dues) shall become the 10 squadron Captains. Those who volunteer for typing duty on ANTI-MATTER will have the rank of YEOMAN, unless they are already Captains or other of officers.

Once the Legion gets organized (that is, IF it gets organized) a complete list of officers, squadron captains, yeomen, and legionaires shall he printed in ANTI-MATTER so that members will know who's who and what's what.

Is this any way to run a fan club? No, but it will have to do.

From the Handbook