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Name: (ACFF)
Date(s): January 11th, 1994 - ?
Moderator: Andy Jones (founder), Hawk (2nd), Matt Nute (3rd)
Type: fanfic
Fandom: Comics
URL: (deadlink)
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. was newsgroup on Usenet for comic book fans to post their comic book related fan fiction.

The FAQ for the group was maintained, originally, by Andy Jones. "spun off of RACMX many years ago in order to keep the loonies in their own bin. As to who exactly the loonies are, I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Sadly, this newsgroup has pretty much been abandoned to tumbleweeds and spam." [1]


"January 11th, 1994 - Newgroup message sent out by Andy Jones, creating alt.comics.fanfiction. Hawk became keeper in late 1994 followed by Matt Nute in January/February 1999."[2]


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