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Fandom: Marvel Comics, DC Comics
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The Comic Fanfiction History Projcet (CFFHP) is an attempt to chronicle the major events in the history of comic book fanfiction on the internet. The timeline is in no way complete and always expanding as new events occur, are remembered, or dug up and added to the history. If you know of events not listed below that should be included, please contact us and let us know so we can keep this list as accurate as possible.

NOTE: While each new site is siginificant to the expansion and history of fanfiction, not all will be listed in this history. The CFFHP attempts to chronicle firsts and majorly influential sites. Some sites are currently listed as a place marker or because the time of their creation and therefore significance as a "first" is debatable. If you wish to make any corrections, please feel free to contact us and we will strive to fix any errors in the timeline.



  • The first post to the Superguy mailing list is made (original superhero fiction)

(Superguy Index -


(acff -;=site%3Dgroups)


(Avengers Assemble -

  • June - Hawk's X-Men Archive opens, creating the first big X-Men archive on the web, accepting all X-Men stories posted on ACFF until June 1996. The first story archived was RubyLis's "End of Innocence". Hawk's X-Men Archive closed on August 8, 1996.
  • November - The X-Writers group begins with the posting of Wolverine #94

(X-Writers -


(2099 Underground -



  • May - X-Men Gold and Blue #1 by Tom is released from X-Vision Comics (then known as Visions Comics).

(X-Vision -

  • June/July - Van Plexico outlines for 12 issues of Avengers, speculating what he?d like to see happen once "Heroes Reborn" was over. This outline was used to write Avengers at Marvel Volume One.

(MV1 -

(Mutant Comics -

(DCF -



(Outside The Lines -

(MV1Talk -

  • August - The first ever DexCon is held in Toronto, Canada, a fanfiction convention.

(DexCon - CFAN Conventions -

( -


  • April 7th - Issue #1 of HEROES - the Fanfiction Fan Magazine is released



  • August 5th - The thread "FANFIC: Training Ground Or Wankfest?" begins on The Warren Ellis Forum in which Ellis states "I vote for "wankfest", incidentally. If you want to write, invent something. That's what writers do." Lively debate ensues.

(Warren Ellis Forum -;=5796.1) note: you need to be a member of Delphi forums to read the full debate


  • January 21st - The first issue of Sophism is released, a promotional fanfiction magazine for the Image Futures: Second Edition site from the Sozzled Sophists creative writing group that includes reviews of other sites and series and fanfiction commentary.

(Sophism -

  • May - An article in Savant #42 by former fanfiction writer David Ivanick condemns fanfiction and produces controversy.

(Savant #42 Action - )


  • May 22nd - Kielle steps away from CFAN, halting updates to the site for the forseeable future.