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Name: AvengersAssemble!
Date(s): 1995 - present
Archivist: Van Plexico
Founder: Van Plexico
Type: Fansite
Fandom: The Avengers
URL: http://www.whiterocketbooks.com/avengers; MV1 (via Wayback); MV1 (current day)
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AvengersAssemble! is an Avengers fansite with fanfiction, a message board, secret files (timeline, beginner's guide, chronology, reviews, etc.), rosters & profiles and information about the founders of the AvengersAssemble! website. The site creators also created, contributed to and edited two books covering the history of the Avengers, called ASSEMBLED! and ASSEMBLED 2.

The AvengersAssemble site was created in 1995 and is still online as of 2019. It celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020.

Marvel Volume One Fanfic Project

The Marvel Volume One Fan-Fiction (MV-1) project - fanfic continuing the classic runs of Marvel Comics, resuming the issue numbering prior to Heroes Reborn, and continues Volume One of the Avengers and many other Marvel series - was created by Van Plexico in the summer of 1997, and originally housed as part of the AvengersAssemble! website. MV1 has since expanded into an enormous cooperative project involving numerous branch editors and writers.


One of the earliest reviews of the AvengersAssemble! website:

"A gem of a site for Avengers fans of all ages. There are reviews, FAQs, character profiles and so much more. It provides a nice blend of text and graphics so you don't get bored waiting for pages to load. This is run by people who love their subject matter and can produce an excellent site. They are only fans, but this is on a par with some major net players." Rating: 9/10[1]



  1. ^ From Comics International #93, April 1998, Avengers Assemble! Jarvis-Heads. (Accessed 01 May 2012)


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