Timeline of Women in Comics Fandom

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  • October: First appearance of the character Wonder Woman in All Star Comics #8


  • December: Gloria Steinem puts Diana Prince on the cover of the first issue of Ms. magazine[1]






  • Scans Daily, a slash-friendly Livejournal community populated mainly by female comics fans is created. At its peak, it had 8,900+ followers.


  • A storyline involving the death by torture of a female character prompts Mary Borsellino to create activism site Girl Wonder.org protesting the treatment of female characters.






  • March 3rd: The Mary Sue goes online - that "sits at the nexus of pop culture and the uncharted universe. We love and live geek culture, comic book movies, genre television, space exploration, emerging technologies, the coolest video games, and the weirdest finds on the internet."
  • June: Womanthology is brought to life to "showcase the works of female creators of every age and experience levels."
  • September 11st: The Escher Girls blog is launched to ridicule the sexist and anatomically challenged way female characters are often depicted in comics.
  • The Batgirl of San Francisco protesting against the decline of female creators in DC Comics' "New 52."
  • December 21st: The first article on Women Write About Comics is published, revisiting the Women in Refrigerators phenomenon.


  • June 10th: Batgirl Inc, a fancomic created as a reaction to the New 52 and its treatment of various Batgirl characters. "The goal of the comic is to show all three girls could eventually share the Batgirl mantle at the same time. We additionally will keep Barbara’s disability."
  • September 14th: ...But Not Black Widow, a Tumblr blog created in order to follow "the symbolic annihilation of women through merchandise."
  • Carol Corps
  • Organized backlash against the Fake Geek Girl/Idiot Nerd Girl meme.




  • April 6th: The Fangirl Initiative blog is created (covers comic, video game and media fandom): "a blog for those who are a fan of nerd culture. Also known as nerds"


  • The Wonder Woman (2017) movie becomes the DCEU's first critically successful hit and the first feature film starring a female superhero in the 2010s, good word of mouth propelling it to financial success as well.


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