I Deserve Better Project

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Name: I Deserve Better Project
Date(s): 2014
Focus: female characters in comics
Fandoms: Marvel Comics
External Links: http://femcomics.tumblr.com; Download link
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The I Deserve Better Project was an initiative to produce a fancomic of a female character from Marvel Comics as a collaborative effort. The only finished project was called It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn and featured Wanda Maximoff.


i. the point of the project is to produce a 21-page complete story celebrating the chosen lady and showing how she should be treated.

ii. a bunch of writers will be working on the script.

iii. every page of the story will be drawn by a different artist.

iv. the story will be posted on behalf of femcomics in parts.


a project where writers and artists create a complete 21-page comic story about a lady who’s being ill-used in the comic books.


to show love and respect to the chosen female character* and display the way she should be treated.


approximately in February and March.


anyone who identifies as female or other minor gender. age, occupation and previous participation in FCE matter nothing. writers must know the background of the chosen character.*


21 writers and 21 artists will be working on the story. firstly, the story is discussed by all writers (artists can participate too) via skype and then every writer pens a page of the script. artists illustrate the script (a page for everyone) and the story is posted on behalf of femcomics in parts.


femcomics.tumblr.com or #ideservebetter project.

  • this time the lady is gonna be Wanda Maximoff.

Writers & Artists