Women in Comics

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Title: Women in Comics
Creator: comicbookgrrrl
Date(s): 2011-2012
Medium: online
Fandom: Marvel Comics, DC Comics
Topic: female characters and creators in comics
External Links: comicbookgrrrl.com
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Women in Comics is a series of essays by comicbookgrrrl discussing female characters and creators in comics.



Occasional diversions aside, comics are still regarded as a men's domain: no girls allowed.

This is the first in a series of articles that will explore each of the comic book ages, the difficulties encountered by female characters, and a look at the female writers and artists across the history of the industry.

As a beginner to comics, once I had a few of the staples under my belt, I looked for and repeatedly failed to find any female writers, artists and characters that were as well represented as their male counterparts. While I had a long list of favourite male writers I knew to look for, women writers and artists seemed oddly scarce on the ground. My favourite male heroes had stacks of titles to their name, but on comparison the women had little to nothing.

Comics are certainly not alone when it comes to women being shunted aside: in early February The Guardian reported on a study published by VIDA (an organisation for the promotion of women in the arts) which showed that on the whole far more attention within the media is given to male writers than women writers. As a female reader and writer myself, this is no big shock, but what still surprises me is the outright denial from many commentators, and the demands that since there are more women than ever before in the industry, we should be satisfied.