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Title: Princessions
Publisher: Foster Publications, Jim Rondeau
Editor(s): Adrienne Foster
Type: newsletter
Date(s): January 1977 – early 1980s
Frequency: bi-monthly from late 1977 to 1978
Medium: print
Fandom: Wonder Woman & multimedia
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Princessions is a digest-sized newsletter running about 16-20 pages each. There are at least 14 issues. Its focus was initially just Wonder Woman, but evolved into a zine for and about women in media.

A 1977/1978 flyer: "PRINCESSIONS is THE newszine for the number one super heroine!" Click to enlarge.
A 1980 flyer: "Before Amazine . . . before Hola! . . . there was . . . PRINCESSIONS: The Wonder Woman newszine! Princessions is back and ready to publish in full swing again!" Click to enlarge.

Issue 1

Princessions 1 was published in January 1977.

Issue 2

Princessions 2 was published in 1977.

Issue 3

Princessions 3 was published in June 1977.

Issue 4

Princessions 4 was published in 1977.

Issue 5

Princessions 5 was published in 1977.

Issue 6

Princessions 6 was published in November 1977. The cover is by Bobby Wright.

Issue 7

Princessions 7 was published in January 1978.

PRINCESSIONS #7 (50¢ from Adrienne Foster, [San Jose, CA]) is a tiny little zine (16 pp, 5½x8½″) that packs an ERA editorial, Vivien Leigh article, review of COMA, center spread, and a Wonder Woman index, all fine pieces, into its pages. The only criticism would be that it's too short; however, at these prices, who can afford not to pass it up?

Carol "Strick" Strickland, Hola! #3, October 1978

Issue 8

Princessions 8 was published in March 1978. The cover is by L. Lawrence.

Issue 9

Princessions 9 was published in May 1978.

Issue 10

Princessions 10 was published in July 1978.

Contents as advertised on a 1980 flyer:[1]

  • What Lynda Carter's doing now that "Wonder Woman" is over.
  • Star Trek-The Motion Picture
  • Kirk Alyn on Superman, Wonder Woman, and his career
  • plus the usual photos, art, letters & more

Issue 11

Princessions 11

Issue 12

Princessions 12

Issue 13

Princessions 13 was published in Fall 1982 and contains 32 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

'From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks' might well be referring to to the metamorphosis of PRINCESSIONS from a humble little digest-sized labor of love devoted to Wonder Woman, to a beautifully produced, carefully edited, very professional looking publication with an extended format, wherein the Amazon Princess is joined by other women of the media.

Issue #13, cover dated Fall 1982 is the first of the new look 
issues and boasts gorgeous full color card stock front and back
. covers featuring the exquisitely delicate line work of Lela Dowling, who is featured inside as well in a lengthy interview which seeks to uncover "the Dowling Mystic." The interview is conducted in a friendly warm manner and successfully draws out the usually painfully shy Ms. Dowling to talk about herself and her art. (those not already familiar with Lela's fine linear work are missing out on some very exciting visual stimuli!) Punctuating the interview are strategically placed examples of Lela's art that do not impede the flow of the transcription.

The remainder of the issue features articles on the impact of
 DC comics decision to strip Wonder Woman of her eagle breastplate in
 "Extinction of an Eagle". British tele-fantasy is explored in an interesting glimpse into "Sapphire and Steel" with a tidy biographical
 sketch of the female lead, accompanied by photos from
 the show. Also included are reviews of fanzines and books by and about women in media, as well as a treatment of Lois Lane as "The Unsung Heroine", and perhaps no other fictional female has suffered so much at the hands of comics writers.

The issue concludes with a short letter section.

This magazine is well layed-out and illustration is used sparingly to great advantage. I could find no typos and the print quality for both the photos and the prose is top quality. I highly recommend this zine for anyone interested in women in the media or the women behind the media. A.J. Foster is a skillful writer and editor, making PRINCESSESSIONS a joy to read. [2]

Issue 14

Princessions 14 was published in Summer 1983 and contains 36 pages.

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