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Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira
Diana Prince
Wonder Woman
Occupation: superhero
Amazon warrior and princess
Relationships: Hippolyta (mother), Donna Troy (sister), Antiope (aunt), Terrence Long (brother-in-law), Robert Long (nephew)
Fandom: Wonder Woman, DC Comics, Wonder Woman, DCAU, DC Super Hero Girls, Wonder Woman (2017)
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Diana also known as Wonder Woman is a DC Comics comic book superheroine from the series of the same name who is an Amazon princess of fictional island of Themyscira, and is the first child born there since the immortal Amazons lived there. Diana Prince is her alter ego: a quiet, bookish woman with glasses, sometime secretary, sometime field agent.



Diana is a popular character in the DCU, and is part of the DC Trinity.

She is often paired up with Steve Trevor, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent.

The New Adventures of Wonder Woman

DC Comics Animated Universe

Diana is a popular character in the DCAU, often paired with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. She is sometimes even shipped with Shayera Hol or Wally West due to their friendship.

DC Super Hero Girls

Diana' is a popular character in the DC Super Hero Girls web series and related merchandise. She's been mainly paired up with her roommate in the series, Harley Quinn.

DC Cinematic Universe

Diana is a popular character that first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and her origins and start of "Wonder Woman" role was explored in Wonder Woman (2017). Anticipation for the character's first live-action film appearance (BvS) was huge, and despite some harsh reviews of the film - nearly all of them praised Diana/Gal Godot parts of the film. The expectation of Diana's titular film increased, which did not disappointment in many fans and critics eyes alike.

Various cosplay and fanworks have appeared focusing around DCCU Diana, both before the character's debut film and after. There have been many gifs, picspams, fanart, fanvids, fanfiction and meta discussions that have appeared on Tumblr, Twitter, Archive of Our Own, FanFiction.net, and YouTube.

Diana is mainly shipped with her love interest in the Wonder Woman film: Steve Trevor, otherwise her two most common het pairings are still with Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Superman (Superman). The most common femslash pairing within the DCCU is with Lois Lane (this is probably inspired by comments made by Gal Gadot referring to Amy Adams) and Isabel Maru. Crossover-wise, Diana has been paired up with both Marvel and other DC Comics characters, including Steve Rogers and Kara Danvers.

Notable Fanworks

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