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Fan Film
Title: Wonder Woman - Fan Film
Creator: Jesse V. Johnson
Date: 2013
Length: 2:10min
Medium: live-action
Genre: action
Fandom: Wonder Woman
URL: Vimeo

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Wonder Woman - Fan Film was directed by Jesse V. Johnson and starred Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman. The fan film features Wonder Woman being captured by the Nazis during World War II, but then fighting back against those who took her.

According to the summary of the video, both director and star "wanted to shoot a fan trailer for their favorite super hero."

As of April 24, 2015: on Vimeo, it has over 1,710 likes and 198 comments, with 584K plays; at Youtube has 204,507 views, over 1833 likes and 298 dislikes.

SS Officer was played by Timothy Murphy (Sons of Anarchy). Other cast members include: Peter Stormare (Constantine), Matthias Hues, and Marina Sirtis (Gargoyles/Star Trek: The Next Generation) had a voice over on the video.


Reactions & Reviews

"Simply fantastic, wish this would have been the pilot for the failed tv show." [1]
"The only thing that takes you out of the vintage feel is the LA back drop. This is a Wonder Woman series I would like to see.Loved it." [2]
"Best Fan short I've seen thus far." [3]
"Tremendous quality and production value!

The outfit---to hell with too much cheek. Nina has an absolute grade-A bod and should be showing it off. It doesn't come off as dirty at all, she knows how to use those muscles. I love the stunt work...Wonder Woman should be dirty, fighting is dirty...especially IN the dirt.

NICE work and I'm ready to see more."[4]


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