Wonder Woman (2017)

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Name: Wonder Woman
Creator: William Moulton Marston (characters)
Patty Jenkins (director), Allan Heinberg (screenplay)
Date(s): May 15, 2017
Medium: Live-Action film
Country of Origin: United States
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Wonder Woman is a film from 2017 about the DC Comics comic book superheroine of the same name starring Gal Gadot as the title character. As of August 23rd, 2017 it is the highest grossing superhero origin film in the US.[1]


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The film opens with Diana recalling her youth on Themyscira, where she wants to be a warrior like her Amazonian kin. Her mother forbids it; but Diana's aunt Antiope trains her anyway. She becomes increasingly powerful as she reaches adulthood.

When WWI pilot and spy Steve Trevor crashes near the island, Diana saves him from drowning. German soldiers invade the island minutes later, killing Antiope. With this loss and the news that a massive war engulfs the world, Diana feels it is her duty to travel to man's world in order to defeat the God of War, Ares, whom she believes is behind the bloodshed.

Arriving in London, she and Steve gather a group of allies to travel to the front and stop the evil General Ludendorff and his scientist companion, Isabel Maru, from releasing a toxic gas that would kill millions. As they fight their way to their goal, Diana and Steve begin to fall in love. In the end, Steve realizes there is only one way to save the day. He tells Diana he loves her and leaves, dying in a fiery explosion as he destroys the bombs. Heartbroken, Diana battles Ares; but ultimately she rejects his message that humans are fundamentally flawed, declaring that love and good exist in mankind as she defeats him and then spares Maru. The film ends in the present day with Diana thanking Bruce Wayne for returning a photo of Steve and their wartime friends to her.


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The most common fictional themes are fix-its for the major character death of the film, Diana's adaption to life in the "world of men" after the war and role in historical events from 1918 to the present day, and the resumption of her career as a superheroine after the events of Batman versus Superman. She is sometimes portrayed as a political activist, using her fame for feminist and civil rights movements.


The most popular pairing in the fandom is Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor, followed by Wonder Woman/Isabel Maru. In crossovers she is sometimes paired with Kara Danvers (Supergirl TV series), Lena Luthor (comics and TV versions), Clark Kent (briefly comics canon), Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers.

Marvel Connection

Mainly because of the similarity between Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor and Captain America's Steve Rogers (from the similarity of the respective characters' and actors' names, to that of their appearance and character death/apparent death), a connection was struck in fandom between the two movie universes. A humorous video by Sketch from Superheroes pokes fun at "How To Fly A Plane Full Of BOMBS (If Your Name Is STEVE)," gifsets highlight similarities between Diana and Steve Rogers' characters[2] and tragic love stories, and fanart depicts crossover moments between the two universes.






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