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Name: FemComicsEvent
Date(s): 2014
Focus: female characters of Marvel
Fandoms: Marvel Comics
External Links: http://femcomics.tumblr.com
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FemComicsEvent was an initiative to bring together female artists and writers in order to create short comics featuring female characters from Marvel Comics.


About FemComicsEvent

What is it about?

FemComicsEvent is launched to show that women want and can create comics, despite all common opinions.

How does it work?

Two females (people who consider/ever considered themselves female) are to be a creative team: an artist and a writer; they pair, choose a marvel lady they want to tell a story about and create 3 solid pages together.

Why lady and why Marvel?

Because, first, there are enough stories about men, second, the event needs some limits (mods are more acquainted with Marvel canon, but there is a possibility, if the event goes well, of including other companies’ books in the future).

Why 3 pages only?

To our minds, this is enough for one story. Both writers and artists can do multiple stories, if they want.

If I want to do several stories, am I bound to only one artist/writer?

It’s up to you! You can work with just one artist/writer for as many stories as you’d like or you can ask to be paired with another artist/writer. How artists and writers are going to be paired?

You can agree upon working together beforehand, there certainly will be a space in a sign up form where you’ll be able to write a name of the person you’d love to work with. Other than that, by interest to certain characters that you’ll also name in the sign up form.

Can I sign up as both artist and a writer?

Yes, you can.

What kind of story can I create?

Any you would like! It just can’t be offensive towards ladies and be OOC.

What do I need to know (comics, movies, etc.) to write something? Can I write an AU or change anything in the story of my character or should I know all the background and stick to it?

There are few ladies represented in films, so it’s decided to stick to comics, basically. It can be an AU, i.e., you can rewrite a certain storyline concerning your character, but it can’t be, say, coffee shop AU with Natasha as barista (what a nice idea, though). So, the knowledge of a character’s background is essential.

Should the stories be follow-ups or can they take place during certain comics in the past?

It’s up to you! Just remember to make a note if your story is placed after a certain comic.

If I can choose any Marvel lady, can I write about a supervillain instead of a superhero?

Of course.

When will all the rules and sign up forms appear?

Everything will be done by the beginning of September.

What does the blog intend to reblog apart from FemComicsEvent news and updates?

Mainly comic panels written, drawn or coloured by women; moreover, ladies working in the industry; and probably different problems about female characters’ representation in comic books.


List of projects.

Characters featured involve Emma Frost, Wanda Maximoff, Jane Foster, Natasha Romanoff, Laura Kinney, Idie Okonkwo, Ororo Munroe, Jennifer Walters, Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers, Janet van Dyne, Lorna Dane, America Chavez, Rikki Barnes, Anya Corazon, Roxy Washington, Victoria Hand, Karla Sofen, Kamala Khan, and Mrs. Altman.