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Fan Comic
Title: Batgirl Inc
Artist: Yulyn Chen, Max Eber
Date(s): 2012
First Published: Tumblr
Medium: digital art
Fandom: Batfamily, DC Comics
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Batgirl Inc is an AU fancomic starring Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown. It's written by Max Eber and drawn by Yulyn Chen.


It was created June 2012 and launched Dec 2012 out of a direct reaction to DC Comic’s Nu52 reboot of their comic canon the previous summer which gutted a lot of the most recent Grant Morrison lead developments in the Batman family since 2009 and dismantled the strong positive relationships and personal histories from mostly the poc and specifically the female poc characters. Others affected in the franchise were Dinah Laurel Lance, Selina Kyle Catwoman and Helena Bertinelli (though Tim Drake in particular was also highly affected) and also seemingly wiped both Cassandra, Stephanie, and Charlie (Misfit) histories from the family entirely. Cassandra and Stephanie were seemingly blacklisted from being used by editorial even in other AU continuities like the comedy series ‘Li’l Gotham’ and ‘Smallville’ where Stephanie was slated to be that AU’s Nightwing but was replaced by Barbara Gordon.

While both girls are back, we still think comics should be fun and diverse and overall strive for a character positive space and showcase all of DC’s “Gotham Girls” right.

The goal of the comic is to show all three girls could eventually share the Batgirl mantle at the same time. We additionally will keep Barbara’s disability.

Influences run from the 60’s Batman TV show, Charlie’s Angels, James Bond, Scooby-Doo, Get Smart, The Avengers, Batman: The Animated Series, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Batman Brave & The Bold and vintage and current anime like Gatchaman, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Prince of Versailles, Cyborg 009, Sailor Moon, FLCL as well as vintage film..

Batgirl Inc aims to be a perfect blend of Batman mythos, action and mystery along with Saturday Morning cartoon type sci-fi, camp and humor to provide a compelling and fun read that has heart and drama but never gets too grim.

Batgirl Inc in addition to our main comic is also an open collaborative initiative; we occasionally have open submissions for character design and development and through our BATGIRL INC PRESENTS initiative we will do collaborative mini comics, one shots, “commercials” and other au Batfamily stories and canon “Batgirl Inc Secret Files” miscellany with any committed guest artist who wishes to contribute and collaborate. The goal is to help foster aspiring artists on tumblr with their art and explore different ways of portraying the Batman Family instead of sticking to a singular vision.