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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Experiment V
Author: Rhys
Fandom: 'N Sync
URL: http://www.illuminations.nu/experimentv/
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Experiment V was Rhys's popslash page. It was originally hosted by illuminations.nu and technically hasn't been updated since 14 September 2004, but the last story was added in April 2009 when the sited moved to dirtystory.net.

Summary from untapped beauty:
The home of Rhys' fiction, all of which is pretty damn amazing. Visit it or miss out.


[Just Where I Came In] - Chris/Lance. R. (15k). Lance is deeply troubled.

The Platonic Series

[Platonic]- Chris/JC. NC-17. (19k). Examining friendship, platonically.
[Or Not] - Chris/JC. NC-17. (21k). Sequel to [Platonic]. Chris finds flaws in logic.
[Maybe More] - Chris/JC. NC-17. (25k). Sequel to [Or Not]. Justin's enlightened.
[Nothing Less] - Chris/JC. NC-17. (22k). Sequel to [Maybe More]. JC wants to be happy.
[Always Something] - Chris/JC. NC-17. (26k). Sequel to [Nothing Less]. JC finds more in Chris.

[How To Disappear Completely] - JC/Justin. R. (13k). Justin contemplates nonexistance.

[Sanctuary] - Chris/JC. PG. (6k). JC finds peace in Chris.

[Like That] - Joey/Justin. PG. (10k). Joey. Justin. Like that.

[Idol] - Chris/Justin. NC-17. (24k). Justin idol worships strangely.

The All Over You Series:

[All Over You] - Chris/Joey. R. (35k). Hurt, Chris turns to Joey.
[Run For Cover] - Chris/Joey. R. (27k). Sequel to [All Over You]. Piecing Chris back together.
[Miles To Go] - Chris/Joey. R. (32k). Sequel to [Run For Cover]. Chris walks his miles.
[To The Unaware] - Chris/Joey. R. (38k). Sequel to [Miles To Go]. Chris speaks of secrets.
[Let Myself Go] - Chris/Joey. R. (44k). Sequel to [To The Unaware]. Chris seeks help.
[On My Feet] - Chris/Joey. R. (36k). Sequel to [Let Myself Go]. Chris gets help.

[Kissed With Heat] - JC/Lance. R. (12k). JC questions the heat.

[Montana] - JC/Joey. R. (65k). Joey, JC and Montana. On a bike.

[Slim-Fast] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (25k). Going on a diet with Joey and Chris.

[Sexy With You] - Joey/Lance. PG-13. (17k). Joey takes Lance under his wing.
[The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself] - Joey/Lance. R. (19k). Sequel to [Sexy With You]. Lance learns a little about flying.

[Full Circle] - Justin/Lance. NC-17. (40k). Justin falls in love.

[Moped] - Chris/Justin. PG. (11k). Chris buys a moped.

[Hot] - Chris/Joey/Justin. NC-17. (45k). A hot city night.

[Straight Man] - Joey. R. (13k). Joey suffers with his straightness.

[All Fine Now] - JC/Justin. R. (11k). JC learns it's all fine now.

[Dirty Numb Angel Boy] - JC/Justin. R. (89k). Justin falls from grace.

[Flame] - JC/Lance. PG-13. (16k). JC's on fire.

[Supermodel] - Chris/JC. PG-13. (10k). JC does his little dance on the catwalk.

[Backwards] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (30k). Chris travels through time.

[What He Wants] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (52k). Chris really hears Lance.

[Body] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (34k). Lance learns to move his body.

[Everything Once] - Justin/Lance. NC-17. (40k). Justin tries everything once.

[Doing It Right] - Joey/Justin. NC-17. (26k). Joey deflowers the boy.
[Doing It Real] - Joey/Justin. NC-17. (28k). Joey discovers the boy.

[Growing Up] - Chris/Nick Carter. R. (13k). Nick wakes up a man.

[Miracle] - Chris/Lance. PG-13. (17k). JC finally understands.

[Cult] - Chris/Lance. PG. (6k). Chris starts a cult.

[Not Say A Word] - Joey/Justin. PG-13. (9k). Justin has nothing to say.

[Experiment] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (110k). AU. Part of an experiment.

[Boyfriend] - Chris/Lance. R. (74k). Won't you be his boyfriend?

[Caught] - Chris/Justin. R. (22k). Boy on film.

[Get Back] - Co-written with [Shine]. Joey/Justin. NC-17. (34k). Justin goes back.

[Noticed] - Chris/JC. PG. (10k). Chris finally notices.

[If All Else Fails] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (136k). Love in the early days.

[Kink] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (111k). Pretty damn kinky.

[Favourite] - Chris/Trevor. R. (22k). Yes, Trevor from O-Town.

[Bound to Happen] - JC/Justin. R. (33k). It was bound to happen.
[All Falls Down] - Chris/Lance. R. (39k). Sequel to [Bound to Happen]. It all falls down.

[Motion Picture] - JC/Lance. PG-13. (24k). Lance's life as a movie.

[Most In Life] - Chris/JC/Joey/Justin/Lance. NC-17. (21k). Happy new year.

[Minnesotan Winter] - Chris/Lance. R. (41k). [sesa]. A story for Arsenic.

[Work Your Way Out] - Chris/Joey. R. (38k). Chris working his way out.

[That Simple] - Co-written with [Emmy]. Chris/JC. PG. (11k). JC and Chris and simplicity.

[Mental Boy] - JC/Joey. R. (64k). Inside JC's head.

[Irreplaceable] - JC/Justin. NC-17. (43k). Happy birthday, Chris.

[It's You] - Joey/Lance. PG-13. (13k). Joey knows Lance.

[Two Straight Guys in Wisconsin: The Amazing Adventures of Chris and His Cock] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (194k). A very long story.

[Sudbury] - JC/Lance. PG-13. (27k). A [SAA] story. Love in Sudbury.

[Untitled Love Story] - JC/Justin. NC-17. (123k). Life after Britney.

[Salvation] - Joey/Justin. PG-13. (18k). Joey is a very good Catholic.

[In This World] - Chris/JC. R. (42k). Chris doesn't want to be alone.

[True Romance] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (92k). [songfic]. Chris needs love, and Joey will give it to him.

[Not Like Them] - Chris/JC. NC-17. (60k). [songfic]. It's gonna be JC.

[No Place Else] - Chris/JC/Lance. NC-17. (57k). There is no other place for JC.

[Don't Shoot The Messenger] - Joey/Lance. R. (59k). The messenger is actually Justin.

[Stick Shift Reverse] - Chris/Lance. R. (105k). Lance is seventeen.

[Sailing Right Behind] - Chris/Justin. NC-17. (107k). Like a bridge over troubled waters.

[Pseudo Ugly] - Joey/Lance. R. (81k). [fairy tale]. Joey is a mighty hairy man.

[Moment of Forgiveness] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (64k). Lance in his life.

[Spike and Wolf] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (49k). A Universal Studios love affair.

[Boom Boom Boom] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (19k). Chris, Joey and the number five.

The Book of Secrets - Chris/JC. NC-17. (770k). AU. A pseudo-historical romance novel.

[The Way We Grow Old] - JC/Joey. R. (79k). Joey is afraid of the future.

[Nevertheless, You'll Do] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (155k). [Berrigan]. "And I am forced to write 'belly' when I mean 'love.'"

[Box] - Joey/Lance. R. (74k). Joey and Lance in a box.

[Fool For Lesser Things] - Chris/Joey/Lance. NC-17. (120k). [chris challenge]. Lance has been a fool for lesser things.

[The Wednesday Thing] - Chris/Lance. R. (268k). Chris does the Wednesday thing.

[Gone Fishing] - Joey/Justin. R. (60k). [happyfic]. Joey and Justin's annual fishing weekend.

[I Only Eat Things That Are Already Dead] - Chris/Justin. NC-17. (54k). [sesa]. Chris does Japan.

[The 7-Eleven Experience] - JC/Justin. R. (133k). JC spends too much time at 7-Eleven.

[Life's A Picnic] - Joey/Justin. NC-17. (43k). [joey slashficathon]. Joey and Justin woo each other lots, and have even more sex.

[No Skin Off My Back] - Chris/Joey. NC-17. (33k). [100 ways]. Joey really loves Chris's dick.

[The Art Of Double Meaning] - Justin/Lance. NC-17. (31k). [100 ways]. The best present is a double-headed dildo. No, really.

[Don't Pump Without Friends] - Chris/Justin. NC-17. (27k). [100 ways]. Inches come and go, but friends are forever.

[One Night In Vegas] - Joey/Lance. NC-17. (44k). [boys in their dresses]. Joey tries to pull a Britney.

[MPREG] - Chris/Lance. NC-17. (322k). He's having his baby.