Book of Secrets (Popslash story)

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Title: Book of Secrets
Author(s): Rhys
Date(s): 2002
Length: 143,732 words (63 chapters)
Genre: slash, fanfiction, rps, rpf, historical AU, historical rpf, hurt/comfort
Fandom: 'N Sync
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Book of Secrets is a widely recced historical AU well known throughout the popslash fandom. Written by Rhys, it is noteworthy for its quality, scope, and painstaking historical accuracy. The story takes place in 1600's Ireland (during the rule of Oliver Cromwell), and revolves around JC (JC Chasez), a downtrodden young man from a family of Travellers who, for mysterious reasons, has been raised as a girl. When he meets and escapes with a pair of charismatic travelling actors (Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone), he embarks upon a voyage of self discovery.

The main pairing is JC Chasez/Chris Kirkpatrick, or TrickC, with Lance Bass/Justin Timberlake, or Lambs as a prominent side pairing.

Originally housed at, the story is accompanied by an extensive, heavily Celtic soundtrack and detailed story notes.

Recs, Reviews and Mentions

  • "The feel of the times is here: the living conditions, the religious climate, the class divisions. But it's the question of gender identity that keeps me coming back to this story."[1]
  • "But it really struck me reading this beautiful AU again that to be so honest, just like JC, is a far better way to live."[2]
  • "When Rhys posted The Book Of Secrets and the fandom just went silent that day as people read."[3]

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