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Name: Detention
Date(s): October 2004[1] – December 2005
Archivist: individum, biting_moopie, atrata, deirdre_riordan
Founder: individum (Page)
Type: Harry/Snape fanfiction and fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (Wayback Machine archived copy)
snarrydetention at LiveJournal (deleted)
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Detention was the major Snarry archive in 2005; it shut down with no warning in December.[2]

The archive was started to replace Walking the Plank, which had remained online but not updated since August 2003. It archived stories previously at WTP with its archivist Tradescant's permission.[3]

The archive was last updated in September 2005. It closed abruptly in early December after site owner Page (individum) returned from an unexplained absence to ban one of the archive moderators and the situation ended up on fandom_wank. See The Grinches Who Stole Snarry at Fandom Wank Wiki.

In response to its closing, Walking the Plank was updated and re-opened, and became the main host for Snape/Harry fanfics until AO3 opened.

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