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That thing where there are leftover characters who get hooked up with whoever because fandom or sometimes the series can't be having with singletons. Typically used for the Omega Happy Ending. Typically happens to sympathetic love rivals. Can be either het, slash, or femslash pairings.

Also known as Cleaning up romantic Loose Ends.


  • Gundam Wing has five main male characters; the most popular yaoi pairings take care of the first four, often leaving Chang Wufei to be the token heterosexual, paired off with Sally Po or Relena Peacecraft (or, if Everyone Is Gay, with Zechs Marquise).
  • Happens in canon at the end of Fruits Basket. Yuki, the main competition to the official couple of Kyo/Tohru, finds out near the end he is actually in love with a minor character at school. The remaining cast gets neatly paired off too, including a friend of Tohru hooking up with Kyo's father figure!
  • Because One Direction has five members, one member is often left single (usually Niall in early days of the fandom). They can get paired with OCs or other various RL friends or girlfriends.