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Pairing: Lance McClain/Keith Kogane
Alternative name(s): Klance, Laith
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: Voltron, Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Lance McClain/Keith Kogane, also known as 'Klance' is the romantic pairing between two characters from Voltron, Lance McClain and Keith Kogane.


Keith and Lance have a light-hearted rival relationship with a lot of teasing and light banter. There is a lot of banter, ridicule and jockeying to see who is better.

Lance McClain and Keith Kogane start out as "rivals" in the pilot episode, although Keith doesn't remember Lance from when they went to the Galaxy Garrison together. They meet while rescuing Shiro, and when Keith leads the team to a cave in the desert, the Blue Lion reacts to Lance's quintessence, revealing itself.

Keith and Lance have a rocky relationship in the first season, but there are moments where their growing camaraderie shine, such as in S1E4 when Lance helps save the castle and remarks, "We do make a good team," a comment at which Keith smiles. Keith is also concerned for Lance as he waits for the injured Lance to emerge from a healing pod.

Despite their arguing, the two work well as a team and can acknowledge when the other has a good idea. This is especially apparent in season three when Keith takes over as pilot of the Black Lion. He acknowledges his own shortcomings as a leader, and listens to Lance's ideas on how to escape Lotor at Thaseryix.


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Klance is the dominant pairing in this fandom.

Dirty Laundry, a very popular early Klance fic originally hosted on Archive of Our Own, was sometimes referred to as "the Klance Bible" because it cemented a lot of early fanon for the ship.

For example:

(Not to be confused with The Klible, a shipping manifesto by smugkeith.)

Many fans headcanon that Lance is bisexual and Keith is gay, but neither characters sexuality has been confirmed as such.

Works in fiction include a large number of AUs including Modern AUs and College AUs.

Klance vs Sheith was a significant ship war.

Example Fanworks

the bastard and his wildling by nikarte, a Game of Thrones AU fusion. As of February 2019, it has over 960 notes on tumblr


  • your claws in me by burlesquecomposer. Canon compliant with S1; Lance is corrupted.
  • On Thin Ice by Minadora. A figure skating and hockey AU.
  • Entangled by Purpleneutrino (mackerelmademedoit), When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people, he never thought that it would end in anything but irritation and misery on both sides. He certainly never imagined that it would be a useful asset in team Voltron's fight against the Galra Empire. Now if he can just keep his feelings in check, they might actually have a chance at defeating Zarkon.





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