Lance McClain

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Name: Lance McClain
Occupation: Ranged combat specialist
Title/Rank: Paladin of the Blue Lion
Status: Living
Relationships: None
Fandom: Voltron
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Lance McClain is the paladin of the blue lion from the series Voltron, which makes him the right leg of Voltron when they assemble. He also pilots the Red Lion in seasons 3, 4, and 5. He is sassy, brave, a flirt, gregarious, and a bit full of himself, but has insecurities that he doesn't show. He makes MANY jokes that can be immature/cheesy, especially at Keith's expense. He is in his late teens. He has a large family, including a sister Veronica, brother Luis and brother Marco.

His character is voiced by Jeremy Shada in the Netflix Original Series (a re-boot of the old show), Voltron: Legendary Defender.


Lance has dark blue eyes, tan-coloured skin and brown shaggy hair.


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