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Name(s): CHIKARA
Scope/Focus: Professional Wrestling
Date(s): 2002-
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CHIKARA is an American Professional Wrestling promotion in Philadelphia, PA founded by Mike Quackenbush in 2002, who still owns and runs the promotion today.

CHIKARA usually holds around 30 or so events per season. Among their regular events are King of Trios (a three-night tournament featuring six-person [three on each team] tag team matches), Young Lions Cup (for the top rising star in independent wrestling), and Cibernetico (an 8-on-8 elimination tag team match where there can only be one person left, to the point of sometimes having to defeat his own teammates if everyone on the other team has been eliminated).

CHIKARA also often chooses themes for how they title a season's events.


Fan Community Nickname

The CHIKARMY. It was the name of an actual Fan Club for a time until it was abandoned.

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CHIKARA is not as ship-heavy as World Wrestling Entertainment, due to the general lack of "romantic" content in canon.[note 1] On AO3, there are only three stories each for the Slash pairings of Deucalion[note 2]/Jimmy Jacobs[note 3] and of Chuck Taylor/Drew Gulak[note 4]. Any other combinations have only one story each, and the rest are Gen.

Homophobia and Fandom

After Still Life with Apricots and Pears[note 5] defeated Boomer Hatfield in the final of the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Tournament at CHIKARA Young Lions Cup XV 2nd Stage on March 16, 2019, senior referee Bryce Remsburg announced on Twitter on March 20th that the new Champion identifies as non-binary, preferring they/them pronouns. One person wondered what that meant, and after it was explained, that commenter wrote, "Always great to learn something new."[1] All of the commenters were very supportive, which is a credit to the CHIKARMY.

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  1. ^ The feud between Archibald Peck and "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti centering around Peck's majorette Veronica Ticklefeather being a rare exception. The promotion prides itself on being family-friendly, with fans outright booing wrestlers who curse when cutting promos in the ring.
  2. ^ He was the Big Bad of The Flood, the amalgamation of heel groups out to destroy CHIKARA in 2014.
  3. ^ He was Deucalion's Little Bad.
  4. ^ They were teammates in The Gentleman's Club.
  5. ^ There had been a tag team called N_R_G, Hype Rockwell (black) and "The Generator" Race Jaxon (white), whose name and image was based on the 1992-1993 WWF team High Energy (Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware). N_R_G split up during the "lost" Season 17, with Jaxon turning heel and starting a pretty boy/narcissist gimmick as "Young and Handsome" Race Jaxon. At the Season 18 Finale Closing Time on December 2, 2017, Rockwell defeated Jaxon in a "Loser Wears a Mask" match. At the Season 19 premiere Beware The Snowman, Jaxon reemerged as BLANK, an artist persona. He later introduced his first creation, a masked wrestler named Ursa Minor in the Night Sky, and his new faction The Nouveau Aesthetic. He subsequently introduced Still Life as his second creation.