Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

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Name: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling/Impact Wrestling
Abbreviation(s): TNA
Date(s): 2002-
Medium: Professional Wrestling
Country of Origin: USA
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TNA or Impact Wrestling started as NWA TNA, the public face of the National Wrestling Alliance. Jerry Jarrett created it as a vehicle for his son Jeff Jarrett, following the demise of World Championship Wrestling. The working relationship with the NWA ended in 2013. The company has gone through different owners for years.


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For a company that has a history of awful TV ratings and getting kicked off of one network after another, they have had a surprisingly dedicated audience.[citation needed]

Fan Community Nicknames


TNA has the distinction of its hatedom being bigger than its Fandom, with the company's history of management being the target.[1]

Fan Fiction

Fan Art

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and 7x TNA World Tag Team Champion Cowboy James Storm in Where the green grass grows by captainecharisma


On AO3, the most popular Slash pairing is Ethan Carter III (Derrick Bateman)/Rockstar Spud (WWE's Drake Maverick), with Dixie Carter (the former promoter)/Original Female Character as the top Femslash pairing.

Fan Activities

  • AskDixie, a debacle where Dixie Carter went on Twitter and encouraged the fans to ask her anything.

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