World Championship Wrestling

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Name(s): World Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation(s): WCW
Scope/Focus: Professional Wrestling
Date(s): 1991-2001
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World Championship Wrestling was an American Professional Wrestling promotion that broke away from what remained of the National Wrestling Alliance in January 1991. Its biggest success came in 1996-1998, when WCW Monday Nitro defeated WWF RAW in the ratings for 82 weeks. WWE bought the promotion in March 2001.


Fan Community Nicknames

  • "Jerichoholics" for Chris Jericho
  • "Lodites"/"Lodettes" for Lodi, coined by Lodi himself
  • "Stingers" for Sting
  • WWE fans labeled WCW fans "lemmings" during the Monday Night Wars (1995-2001).[1]


Of the small number of WCW stories on AO3[note 1], there is a definite preference for Slash and Femslash. Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman are the only ones who get paired up with more than one person. (Arn with Ric Flair and with Pillman himself; Pillman is also paired with his WCW World Tag Team Championship partner Steve Austin.)

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  1. ^ Meaning, stories that don't have WWE or any other promotions listed as fandoms