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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: WWFDiva_Slash, WWF Diva Slash
Date(s): 2001 - 2003 (?)
Moderated: No
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Scope: Femslash fanfiction, Discussion
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WWFDiva_Slash/; archive link
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WWFDiva_Slash was a fanfiction mailing list in World Wrestling Entertainment fandom focused on femslash fanfiction.


Welcome to WWFDiva_Slash! This list is all about slash fanfiction involving the women of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Members can read, write, and discuss fanfics, as well as issue fanfic challenges. Discussion of the WWF characters and storylines is also welcome. If you are interested in joining WWFDiva_Slash, please be advised that the stories found on this list may be deemed as "mature content," with works that carry ratings of PG, R, or even NC-17.

The list was active in the early 2000s, and had 127 members in 2003. It goes defunct at some point after this. lowercase.