Basira Hussain

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Name: Basira Hussain
Occupation: Police detective
Fandom: TMA
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Basira is introduced in the second season of the podcast.


Basira is often portrayed as a brown-skinned woman in a hijab. She is not despised, but she is not widely loved either. A stated reason for people disliking her is that it was inappropriate of the creator to make a WOC who is a police officer, and who defends and is complicit in police brutality. On the other hand, some fans like her complexity and say she is good representation of flawed female characters.

During Season 5, a theory emerged that her title of 'Detective' was linked to the Beholding in a similar way to how 'Archivist' was, given that Elias often made a point of calling her 'Detective' and her logical reasoning was powerful enough to withstand the Unknowing.


The primary ship for Basira is Daisira, Daisy Tonner/Basira. This ship is considered canon or almost-canon by some, to the extent that the creator was asked on the romantic nature of it and explained that to confirm romance between them would be to interfere with his intention of exploring us-vs-them dynamics. Some people regard canon daisira as queer-baiting, however this is not a common opinion, particularly after the creator clarified his intentions about the relationship. Others dislike the ship or favour other WLW relationships such as WTGFs instead.

Example fanworks

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