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Name: Dabi / Todoroki Touya
Occupation: Villain
Relationships: Todoroki Enji/Endeavor (Father)
Todoroki Rei (Mother)
Todoroki Fuyumi (Sister)
Todoroki Natsuo (Brother)
Todoroki Shouto (Brother)
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Dabi is an antagonist in the Boku no Hero Academia manga and anime.


Dabi is a member of the League of Villains, a villainous organization led by Shigaraki Tomura whose ultimate goal is the destruction of hero society and the public's faith in heroes. Dabi joined the organization after being inspired by Hero Killer Stain and his belief that hero society was rotten at its core. Despite not having a lot of respect for Shigaraki or trust in his leadership skills, Dabi becomes a valuable member of the League of Villains, playing a fundamental role in their operations.


Cremation: Dabi's fire Quirk grants him the ability to generate blue flames from his body instantaneously, expelling them at will from any part body with minimum effort. His flames are extremely hot, and due to their blue coloration, it is believed their temperature and intensity are higher than that of normal fire. Dabi can also combust anything he touches.


Dabi is a Todoroki Theory

A fan theory so popular that it has been almost accepted as fact is the Dabi is a Todoroki theory.[1] Given the information about the Quirk of the last Todoroki sibling, Touya, in Chapter 283 (specifically, that he inherited Endeavor's firepower but his mother's weak/cold-based constitution), it seems this theory may be close to being confirmed, given Dabi's overwhelmingly powerful fire quirk and heavy burn scarring.

In Chapter 191, Dabi calls Endeavor by his full name, indicating they have a history together.

The theory was confirmed as canon by Chapter 290, wherein Dabi reveals his identity as Todoroki Touya to Endeavor and Todoroki by washing the black dye out of his hair and announcing his real name.


The most popular ship involving Dabi is Dabi/Hawks. Enemyslash ships with other heroes are generally less popular. He is also often shipped with the other villains he works with.






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