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Pairing: Dabi/Hawks (Keigo Takami)
Alternative name(s): Hotwings
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Canonical?: non canon
Archives: Hotwings Tag on AO3
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Dabi/Hawks is the slash ship of Dabi and Hawks in Boku no Hero Academia. Both these characters had major surprising backstory revelations in canon, so their appearance and relationship in fandom went through changes as previous stories were jossed, and fan theories were proven or disproven.

They began as a "Hero/Villain" pairing, often including hatesex, but later canon details made their relationship more complicated.


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Hawks and Dabi first meet when the Hero Public Safety Commission approaches Hawks and orders him to become a double agent and infiltrate the League of Villains. Dabi is Hawks' point of contact with the League and he sets Hawks various tasks to prove his loyalty and show that he is really working against the Heroes.

Hawks reveals himself as a double agent to Twice, who he tries to make turn sides, but they are overheard by Dabi. In the ensuing fight, Hawks reluctantly kills Twice but Dabi almost succeeds in killing Hawks. He is only saved when Tokoyami Fumikage swoops in to save his mentor from the final blow.

Later, during a broadcast to the whole country, Dabi reveals Hawks' real identity as the son of a known criminal. He also broadcasts footage of Hawks killing Twice, in an attempt to destroy Hawks' public image.

To some fans, the relationship of Dabi and Hawks is built on parallels, with each being one side of a coin. Many see their relationship as the synthesis of their childhood to adulthood journeys which take on a form of thesis and anti-thesis, given how each character turns out. [1]


Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Enemies to Lovers - Works often set during the time Hawks and Dabi were deceiving one another while the former was undercover. Having the two characters slowly go from using each other for their own purposes to falling in love is a common storyline.
  • Hatesex - Common with works that wish to explore the tension between Dabi and Hawks but not have them develop genuine feelings for each other.
  • Dabi's Identity Reveal - These works will focus on the reveal that Dabi is Todoroki Touya and that, as a child, he had been abused by his father, Pro Hero Endeavor. A common storyline is to have Hawks empathize with Dabi after discovering his backstory, helping him to bring down Endeavor and falling in love with Dabi in the process.
  • Canon divergent AUs will often play with what would have happened if Dabi's childhood had been different, with some works showing him becoming a hero rather than a villain.
  • Childhood Friends - These works often show the characters knowing each other as children and bonding since both Dabi and Hawks are shown to have a complicated relationship with their respective fathers, with the implication that they both came from abusive household. While some works become fully canon divergent by showing them growing up together, others will show them having a brief friendship as children only to meet again as enemies once they are adults.



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