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Name: Shigaraki Tomura / Shimura Tenko
Occupation: Leader of the League of Villains (previously)
Grand Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front
Relationships: Shimura Nana (grandmother)
Shimura Nao (mother)
Shimura Kotaro (father)
Shimura Hana (sister)
All For One (sensei/master)
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Tomura Shigaraki is the main antagonist in Boku no Hero Academia.



Decay: Allows Tomura Shigaraki to disintegrate or 'decay' anything he touches. Previously thought to require contact from all five fingers on one hand to activate, but this was proven wrong when he managed to use to his quirk on Re-Destro with only two fingers, after losing the other three in battle.



The most popular ship involving Tomura is currently the slash ship Dabi/Shigaraki Tomura or ShigaDabi, with over 2k fanworks on AO3 alone.


  • Mirko/Shigaraki Tomura (DustBunny)
  • Toga Himiko/Shigaraki Tomura


  • Dabi/Shigaraki Tomura (ShigaDabi, Dabishiga, Dabishi)
  • Todoroki Natsuo/Shigaraki Tomura
  • Chisaki Kai/Shigaraki Tomura (ChiShig)
  • Spinner/Shigaraki Tomura (Spinnaraki)
  • Eraserhead/Shigaraki Tomura (Erasershig, Shigzawa, Eraserdust)
  • Hawks/Shigaraki Tomura (Hawkshig, ShigaHawks, Chicken Fingers)

Tropes & Headcanons

  • Fix it Fics & Redemtion AUs: For Tomura Shigaraki, these two tropes saw a rise in popularity after the release of his backstory in chapters 235 and 236. Often paired together, these two tropes tend to explore the questions “What if Tenko had been saved?" and "What would happen if Tomura got the help he needed?”

Common sub-tropes & headcanons within this trope include:

    • Hero AU: Free from the oppresive mentalities of his father and AFO, Tenko is able to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a hero. Due to the nature of his quirk, he is most commonly portrayed as a rescue hero. Fan-artists and writers alike often incorperate elements of Nana's costume into Tenko's. Examples of this include her cape and yellow gloves.
    • Mamagiri | Tenko Shirakumo: Kurogiri | Oboro Shirakumo adopts Tenko after saving him from AFO.
    • Dad Might: A popular trope where after Tenko is saved from AFO, All Might adopts Tenko, often out of a sense of duty to his mentor, Nana Shimura.
    • Tenko Midoriya: Tenko is adopted by Inko Midoriya, usually after she finds him in the streets.

  • Moth!Tomura | Mothra: As a metaphor for the surgery Shigaraki was about to undergo in order to inherit his master's quirk, a panel in chapter 246, Message, depicts Tomura emerging from a cocoon with moth-like features. This inspired many fans, and thus began the trope of Moth!Tomura. The nickname "Mothra" came from combining "Tomura" and "Moth", as well as paying homage to the fictional monster from the film Mothra by [Toho Studios].
  • Bunny!Tomura: The trend of fan-art featuring Shigaraki with bunny characteristics was started thanks to chapter 46 of the BNHA gag manga SMASH!!, where starting with the comic strip Hip-Hop, Tomura is seen wearing bunny ears as part of a dare from Toga. This gag continues through the comics Hang in There, Kurogiri, Gag Order, and Read the Room. Depending on the translation you read, Toga instructs him to end all of his sentences with either "hoppity", or "pyon", as part of the dare.
  • Gamer!Tomura: As a result of his many canonical gaming references, the majority of fans headcanon him to be a gamer, and usually a very good one at that. These references have also resulted in many Twitch Streamer/YouTuber AUs, and even a few Pokémon Trainer AUs.
  • Eri & Tomura: With matching, long, scraggly white hair and red eyes, the visual parallels between these two is uncanny, but the narrative parallels are much more numerous. With these countless similarities, it's easy to see why fans began indulging the idea of the two becoming adoptive siblings.
  • Mikkun: In chapter 235, Tenko Shimura: Origin, Tenko mentions playing with two other children he calls "Mikkun" and "Tomo-Chan". Some fans headcanon that Keigo Takami, AKA Hawks, and Shigaraki were childhood friends, and that "Mikkun" was Tenko's nickname for Takami.
  • Fanboy/Stalker!Tomura: The one hero that Tomura has openly admired is Aizawa Shouta, going so far as to call him "cool" multiple times aloud during the USJ attack, then again in his mind as Aizawa ensures the Quirk erasing bullet is neutralized, and once more for Aizawa to hear as he goes to Decay him. The surprise English dub release of My Hero: One's Justice 2 on June 10th, 2020, gave fandom the soundbite of Shigaraki Tomura asking, "Is this bondage play?" if certain items are selected for him to wear. Chapter 275, the latest instance of Tomura calling Aizawa cool, was released just three days earlier. With Aizawa's capture weapon being what it is and that soundbite ringing, Erasershig shippers had their crumbs and celebrated. This canon basis has led to Shigaraki, most notably, being obsessive and fannish himself in the AUs that feature Fanboy/Stalker!Tomura, especially concentrated in this rarepair.

Meta-Analysis and Interviews


Fan Fic

Shigaraki Tomura AO3 Tag Shigaraki Tomura x reader Tumblr Tag

  • The Ole Hero/Villain Switcharoo A series consisting of three one shots built around the popular role-reversal AU. Originally written for the Decay zine by ohmytheon
  • Family Secrets A 104 chapter fix it fic featuring the trope Dad For One, telling the story of how Tenko Shimura got a second chance at his childhood, growing up with Dad For One and the Midoriyas, by WinteryFall




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