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Name: Minecraft
Creator: Mojang
Date(s): 2009-present
Medium: video game
Country of Origin: Sweden
External Links: Minecraft.net
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Minecraft is an open world building game inspired by games such as Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer.

In Minecraft, the player navigates a randomly-generated world collecting materials and blocks that they use to create structures, usually starting with a shelter to protect them from the monsters that spawn at night. The player can also use a safe Creative Mode to build massive, sprawling superstructures limited only by their creativity, anything from a palace to a functioning computer.

Later updates have added enormous variety to the game. Players can now breed animals, brew potions and enchant items with helpful stat bonuses. They can also travel to alternate dimensions called The Nether and The End, to fight different monsters and collect different resources.

Minecraft is so open-ended that it can be played almost indefinitely. Let's Players such as Achievement Hunter have made dozens or hundreds of unique videos by designing their own games and contests within the game. For some speedrunners killing the Enderdragon, which causes the game to display a credit roll, is considered "finishing" Minecraft.


Minecraft is a popular game for YouTube let's players and Twitch streamers to focus on. As a result, several let's players and streamers have formed their own RPF fandoms around them. The fandom is called MCYT, which stands for Minecraft YouTube. It includes popular Minecraft YouTubers and streamers such as Dream, TommyInnit, and GeorgeNotFound, among over dozens more players. As of May 2021, the most popular ship for the MCYT RPF fandom is Dream/GeorgeNotFound (DreamNotFound), claiming the largest amount of Minecraft ship fics on AO3.


Creativity in Minecraft. Note: Marked as sexually explicit; minimized.


Minecraft is easy to modify and several mods have been made, some of the most popular being Bukkit, WorldEdit and TooManyItems.

In-Game Creations


A large amount of fanfiction has been written about Minecraft from humor to horror.

A substantial subset of Minecraft fanfiction features real people (RPF), instead of in-game characters (like Steve/Alex and other mobs) or popular fan characters (Herobrine).

Let's Plays


Several fans have made music based off Minecraft.

Brentalfloss created the song that captures the extreme range of possibilities in Minecraft's creative toolset: Brentalfloss' Minecraft Song first talks about the endless creative potential of the game - and then showcases over 15 types of giant penis that fans have made in Minecraft.


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