Dwarf Fortress

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Video game fandom
NameDwarf Fortress
Developer(s)Zachary and Tarn Adams
Release date2006
External link(s)http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/
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Dwarf fortress (full name Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress) is a roguelike (randomly-generated) game done using retro ASCII art similar to Rogue or Nethack.

There are two game modes: In Fortress Mode, the player starts out with a group of seven dwarves, who they must direct to build a city on a randomly-generated patch of land that will be able to hold the hundreds of dwarves that will come later, meanwhile facing goblins, elves and wild beasts aboveground as well as the terrifying creatures in the caverns below. In Adventure Mode, the player takes control of a character of their choice that they then use to explore a randomly-generated world, fighting monsters using an in-depth combat system.

The Fandom


Because the files that dwarf fortress uses are included in the game, there is a wide variety of mods that can be found on the official forum.

Memes and In-Jokes

Because the random nature of the game often leads to hilarity, there are many memes and in-jokes related to dwarf fortress, many of which have been referenced in other games


Dwarf Fortress has an official forum at Bay 12 Games

Fan Art

There is a wide variety of Dwarf Fortress fanart on DeviantArt.

Let's Plays

Dwarf Fortress has spawned numerous Let's Plays.