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Acronyms are words or names formed from the initial components of longer names or phrases. In some cases, the acronym can be pronounced like a word[1] while others are pronounced as single letters.[2] Some ships are condensed into acronyms, for example Zim and Dib Romance from Invader Zim is abbreviated to ZADR (pronounced Z-A-D-R or as ZAY-DER).

Fanspeak uses many acronyms, especially to abbreviate media titles, group names, common sayings, and fanwork tropes.

A popular Tumblr post noted that a long line of acronyms can be read as a detailed fanwork summary:


ao3 mcu a:aou abo bdsm ot3 hs au pwp

the fact that this is completely understandable and rather descriptive makes me rethink what i’ve done with my life [3]

Fannish Language and Acronyms

Some examples of acronyms popular in fandom:

  • DLDR- Don't Like, Don't Read
  • BNF- Big Name Fan
  • BAMF- Bad Ass Mother Fucker
  • CNTW- Choose Not to Warn
  • BDA- Big Dumb Alien

Ship Names as Acronyms

Further Reading


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