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Name: Technoblade
Also Known As: Techno
Occupation: YouTuber
Medium: Video
Works: Dream SMP, The Potato War, SMPEarth, and more
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Fan Website(s): Youtube Wiki page
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Technoblade is a popular American YouTuber focusing mostly on Minecraft content. He has had many notable series since he began making videos in 2014, including characters on the Dream SMP and SMPEarth Minecraft servers, as well as less collaborative projects like The Potato War and his record-holding Hypixel Bedwars winstreak. He also has a friendly rivalry with Dream. Technoblade reached 10 million subscribers on December 31, 2021.

Relationship with Fandom

Technoblade has generally been fairly supportive of his fans, but also tries not to take interactions with them too seriously. He has also often used fanart with credit in video thumbnails, as well as for his avatar, banner, and as art in-game. When Technoblade plays multiplayer games, especially on the Hypixel server, games are often quickly filled with fans trying to play in the same game.

Fandom Occurrences


There exist a lot of fanworks related to Technoblade, particularly fic, fanart, and animatics. Some of these concern mostly his digital avatar, some focus on his roleplay characters from specific servers, especially the Dream SMP, and others are firmly RPF. One of the most common tropes in many types of Technoblade fanworks is SBI or Sleepy Bois, Inc, the often-platonic relationship between Technoblade and fellow Minecraft streamers Philza, Wilbur Soot, and Tommyinnit, often as a family dynamic with Philza as the parent and the other three in the role of brothers.


  • Orphan's Path by aenor_llelo and many others, a Philza & Technoblade-focused Dream SMP series which follows their characters throughout their lives.

RPF Fanfiction


  • Hog Hunt by SAD-ist, a very well-known animation depicting part of Technoblade's Dream SMP storyline.


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