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Name: Darryl Noveschosch
Also Known As: Bad, BadBoy, BBH
Occupation: Twitch Streamer, YouTuber
Medium: Video
Works: Dream SMP, Minecraft Manhunt
Official Website(s): Youtube Channel, Twitch Channel,
Fan Website(s): Dream Team Wiki page
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BadBoyHalo (also known as Bad or BBH) is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber of primarily Minecraft content. He owns the public Minecraft server MunchyMC. He is known for featuring in many of fellow YouTuber Skeppy's videos and has links to the Dream Team and Dream, and has participated in many of their Minecraft Manhunts and was a member of Dream SMP. He is currently a member of QSMP.

Relationship With Fandom

As far as first glance goes, BadBoyHalo's relationship with fandom might be described as "neutral' as he has tried to stay out of much of fandom drama. He has stated that he considers fandom, including shipping fandom to be "like cherries, that's the best analogy I can think of"[1] in that some people will like it and others won't and when pressed heavily stated he doesn't like "hardcore NSFW" art, but that overall he considers that something for each content creator to deal with. Specifically he has said he's fine with a little blood, but not excessive gore, and with anything that you "would be comfortable showing to a cool high school teacher." He suggested to check his Twitter likes for examples of fanart he's comfortable with.[2]


Usually on Saturdays, BadBoyHalo hosts events on his server MunchyMC, which he streams to YouTube, and that fans who own Java Minecraft can freely join to play with him.

In non-RPF fanworks, fans often like to play with their portrayal of Bad. Most typically portraying him in ways based off his usual Minecraft skin which vaguely shows a dark hood with red accents and light colored or glowing eyes, as well as his lore in the Dream SMP of being some sort of demon or dark angel. However sometimes he has also been portrayed having something much closer to his "real life" appearance with brown hair, though this is much rarer. Or mixing in some in real life features they think "fit" him, especially his glasses or hair while still giving an overall demonic appearance to his character. And almost always utilizing his distinctive outfit.

In fanworks there are generally a couple strands fans focus on (though these two strands are not the entirety of fanworks, just simply the majority), one being his participation in most, but not every, Minecraft Manhunt and the excitement and twists and turns that go along with that.

The other major strand is his character and participation in the Dream SMP. This brings in a much longer term relationship he's had in character with the YouTube content creator Skeppy, as well as other plotlines like his friendship/enemyhood with TommyInnit and his role in the possibly extraterrestrial threat known as The Egg. As mentioned, one of the most popular themes for fanfics in particular focuses on his relationship with Skeppy. Bad had worked with Skeppy on other small projects before joining the Dream SMP and they both ended up playing on the Dream SMP for significant amounts of time. In character, BadBoyHalo refers to Skeppy as his "best friend" and the feeling is more or less mutual, with the two living together until disruption strikes. However, they also canonically share the same pool of lives and sometimes, though rarely, refer to this bond as "soulmates". Fandom, when in shipping mode, tends to pick up on these facts and look at different interpretations for their friendship or closeness and their "soulmate" bond.

BadBoyHalo's character on the Dream SMP is also canonically the father of Sapnap[3] and Skeppy Jr. (a diamond block gifted to him by Nihachu that fans anthropomorphize). He is also sometimes headcanoned to be the adoptive father of other characters, such as the half demon Eryn, or Dream, who in real life has referred to BadBoyHalo as "a fatherly-like figure" who helped him get his start on YouTube.[4].

There is also a focus on teasing out the exact nature of BadBoyHalo's character quirks or traits, as he is played as having a strong dislike or aversion to rude language and explicit, especially scatological, discussions, and has moments of caring. But is also shown with an earthy sense of humor and sometimes a ruthless streak.

Ships, Duos, Trios

In MCYT fandom in addition to romantic portmanteau ship names, it is common to make platonic duo names. The following is a list of some such common pairings with BadBoyHalo:

On AO3 as of February 2023, there are 13,040 works that include the tag Darryl Noveschosch | BadBoyHalo. Zak Ahmed | Skeppy/Darryl Noveschosch | BadBoyHalo is the most popular BadBoyHalo relationship tag with 3,132 works, with the platonic tag Zak Ahmed & Darryl Noveschosch having 1,413 works.

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