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Title: SMPRonpa: Survival of the Fittest
Author(s): nivisons[1]
Date(s): late fall[1] of 2019[2]
Genre: Crossover, Horror, Gen
Fandom: SMPLive
External Links: Original Wattpad link (dead), Archived copy
fanart by Cloudsorcerer28.

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SMPRonpa: Survival of the Fittest[1], more commonly known by its shorthand title SMPRonpa, was a popular and infamous SMPLive fanfiction that placed the server's members in a Danganronpa style killing game. It was controversial for its more gory elements, and was one of the driving factors behind the SMPLive Serious Stream. For years, it was considered a piece of lost media. As of January 5, 2024, it has been found in full after a three-year-long search.[3]


SMPRonpa focuses on cscoop as the protagonist, and follows Danganronpa's formula closely. Players must kill another and get away with it if they wish to leave the convention hall they have been trapped in. Each time a dead body is found, a trial is held where players try to figure out who the culprit is. The trial portions use a chatlog style format. The fanfiction was very likely inspired by MangoKiwi's Dangan Ronpa Minecraft, a much older Team Crafted Danganronpa fic that was also popular on Wattpad.


The fic features the following characters[4]:

Note: Travis does not know his ultimate title in the fic itself.

Creator Reactions

Most streamers involved tended to have a positive or neutral response to the fic when discussing it, or made jokes about it. conarcoin on Tumblr made a post compiling creator reactions to the fic. Technoblade in particular had liked fanart of the fic on Twitter.

Getting gruesomely murdered is purely based in entertainment just like a horror movie would be- no one would ever want us to actually get hurt.

ToxxxicSupport on Twitter

ive already killed one charlie by bashing him with a guitar

i can do 2

Wilbur Soot in Twitch chat

Some creators were actively reading and tweeting about the fic.

he had said: i die in the first day what the frick

and now gc is just making fun of gold for dying before anything happened

ToxxxicSupport, in DMs

You died in the SMPLive murder fanfic so it's okay


ToxxicSupport on Twitter



YoItsGold in response to ToxxxicSupport telling him he had died first in SMPRonpa

I am going to read this just because I enjoy Danganronpa and want to see my friends die

Condifiction on Twitter [6]


SMPRonpa found controversy due to its violent and gory plot, primarily among fans, and especially among Tumblr fans.

hey, smpronpa author. I know you look at tumblr, wheres the answer to this? You say that if a creator says they are uncomfortable with the story you'll delete it, but you included people you already knew were uncomfortable with fanfiction. What up with that?

incelrorschach on Tumblr [7]

Carson stream was really good hoping this’ll end the fucking smpronpa shit and the stan shit :-)

qteaaaa on Tumblr [8]

That smp fic is gross and thats the end of it. Just because its well written and not shipping does not make it any less weird. The boys keep on saying the same thing: if you wouldnt do what youre doing with people you know in real life then dont do it. This is the epitome of treating them like characters and Im pretty sure they would be highly uncomfortable reading it.

proteales on Tumblr [9]

Some fans disagreed with these concerns, saying that the SMPLive members were adults and could speak for themselves.

my stance on the smpronpa thing is that they're adults, if they had an issue with it they would've said so already. ms angel herself said that shes ok with it, and was actually defending it, I get why you're uncomfortable but don't try to stick words and feelings about something into people. your opinion is your opinion and it should stay that way

goldenfoxthe1st on Tumblr [10]

I know this is old news but I’m shocked that people got as heated over SMPronpa as they did. It’s Danganronpa. Danganronpa is inevitable. If someone becomes popular enough, there will be a Danganronpa AU/ fan scenario involving them. I guess it’s because I’ve had a lot of exposure to Danganronpa before, during times when it had a more active fanbase, but I guess I’m just used to the concept and don’t think it’s as harmful as others do. (and I only discovered it after the controversy, so it’s not like I was a fan of the AU. I actually tend to find all RPF distasteful on principle, for several reasons) I can see why people were against it though!

dinosaurpolitician on Tumblr [11]

Another argument was that the fic was not portraying the real people, but the characters they played on SMPLive.

so, the whole story’s been extremely controversial in the fandom. i get where they’re coming from. their favorite streamers are turned against eachother & murdering eachother in this story, but this story is based off of a game (danganronpa) & it’s fanfiction. the definition of fanfiction is: fiction(imaginary stories) written by a fan of a movie, show, etc. that features their characters. every member of smplive has some sort of character that they portray online. those characters are the ones in these fanfictions. like how schlatt & connor are business scam artists and ty is their unpaid intern, for example. smpronpa, as it is written about the streamers, is fiction & not an actual story of actual people actually killing eachother.

tmblremmo on Tumblr [12]

Contrary to popular belief, there is very little, if any, evidence to support that a majority of the content creators involved besides Carson had any issue with the fanfiction.[13][14] CallMeCarson streamed on December 11th, 2019 to discuss "some aspects of Stan culture" that had made him uncomfortable, including highlighting SMPRonpa in particular.

After the "serious stream", the author deleted the fic from Wattpad[1] and has said on multiple occasions they do not want to bring it back due to harassment and discomfort. They have allegedly even refused monetary offers to reupload the fic.[1]

carsons expressed being uncomfortable with smpronpa so ive deleted it. im not posting anymore. im not going to post anything smplive anymore. i've stood by my policy, if anyone was uncomfortable with it, i would delete it. i've done just that. do not ask me to bring it back. i dont want to hurt anyone, so im just going to do what i promised. im incredibly sorry to anyone ive made uncomfortable or upset.

nivisons on Wattpad [15]

this will probably be my last message on here, but i want to thank everyone for being kind and patient with me. it means a lot how much you all care for me, and im happy i made an impact in some way. unfortunately, i did not want to make an impact in a way that would attract this much attention, that would make carson genuinely upset, that would warrant this much backlash. weest even made a video on stan culture that mentioned a story similar to mine, but not mine, but he still had the intention of calling out my version... its confusing. you may try to argue that carson was too harsh, but im at fault for this. no matter the case i do appreciate the compliments on my writing. iam actually planning on doing something with my writing! just... not fanfiction of irl people. its weird, ive come to realize, that ive hyperfixated on real people to an unhealthy extent, to a point where i would write fiction about them. its wrong. its so, so wrong, and i regret it.

on another note, i have gotten multiple requests to send people copies of smpronpa, ive gotten dms on twitter asking to PAY ME for a copy. no. absolutely not. in no way, shape or form will i EVER disclose smpronpa information ever again. its dead. its done. let it go. im not sending copies, im not republishing the fic, none of it. i stated that if anyone was uncomfortable, i would delete it. i did just that. i am done with it, and all other rpf. do not ask me to see it. its deleted for a reason.

thank you, and have a good evening everyone.

nivisons on Wattpad [16]

Carson's stream led to horrific harassment directed at the author, who was only a teenager at the time. Nowadays, many people criticize Carson for speaking on behalf of all of his friends and singling out a teenager by name.

you motherfuckers wont let this fucking fanfic die im deleting this account please leave me alone and stop trying to contact me i have panic attacks whenever this is brought up and i had someone find me through my discord account please leave me alone and stop treating this fic like a haha funny meme when it caused me to be incredibly suicidal once i was receiving massive amounts of death threats. i had people dming me on twitter telling me to kill myself in gruesome ways when carson found out. i hope all of you have a good life but im deleting this account in a bit because i literally cant bear the mental trauma of still having it up and still having a following. its really not funny when you think about it because the same people who were reading that fic out of gross curiosity were the ones sending me threats and vagueposting. i know there are copies floating around but for the sake of being a decent person please get rid of them.

yes i know wilbur read it yes i know phil streamed about it and i had a breakdown because its still not going to go away, the same fanbase i engaged with absolutely traumatized me. i hope all of you have a nice day though, stay hydrated.

nivisons on Wattpad in 2021 [17]


SMPRonpa is frequently referenced in MCYT fandoms as a warning of sorts.

unpopular opinion but all these among us fanfics with mcyters are just smpronpa all over again

philblr on Tumblr [18]

no ill will meant towards the hermitcraft dangaronpa au stuff on my tl but it's making me think of smpronpa and i think theres a cautionary tale within that lol

warpedmall on Twitter [19]

Many fans, and even some creators, when looking back on the fic today, do not think it warranted the discourse that occurred from it.

people in the qrts like overreacting... my brother in christ the biggest dream smp fanfic was about george and dream wanting to fuck eachother smpronpa is normal in comparison

91whskyDean on Twitter [20]

I still personally feel like everyone took that SMPRonpa thing a little too seriously. It was a fanfic based on a game man

Condifiction's tweet on his alt [21]

My problem was the drawings of it for the most part, also I didn’t have much knowledge about the game so yuh

Pokay's reply to the above tweet [22]

Additionally, memes are often made about SMPRonpa, especially about Slimecicle in the freezer.

Older slimecicle fans are getting too big for their boots lately! Need I remind you all! (Attached are stock images of a guitar and a freezer)

overorigami on Twitter [23]


Several people have made attempts to search for and archive SMPRonpa in some capacity. No one has found the full fic due to it being posted on Wattpad, which doesn't easily allow for works to be saved. The most common practices tend to be asking people who claim to have read it and searching for livetweeting from 2019 that may contain screenshots of the work.

smpronpaARCHIVE on Twitter is one such archival attempt, but recieved backlash due to the controversy of the work and the author's wish to keep it private.

An unknown individual made a Carrd containing what they could find of the work, but it was removed at some point. It is still available in an archived form. A thread was made about the fic on the Lost Media Wiki's forum on July 29th, 2020, but nothing came from it.

Tumblr user conarcoin did another search attempt, finding significantly more. On December 21, 2023, he released a Google doc of his and his friends' findings in hope that it would raise more attention to the search and hopefully help find more of the fic.[24]


On January 5, 2024, conarcoin made another post stating that an anonymous user had sent him the entirety of SMPRonpa, and it was made publicly accessible with a disclaimer to not harass or seek out the author.[3]

The next day, the news would spread to Twitter, and would reach Sneegsnag, one of the creators featured in the fic. He started a livestream parodying the "serious stream" from 2019 joking about the fic, and stressed repeatedly that the author should be left alone. He also confirmed that Carson was pretty much the only content creator to have been bothered by the fic, like speculated. Other former SMPLive members Condifiction, AntVenom and Krinios came into his chat to crack jokes about it as well.

On January 7, yet another former SMPLive member featured in the fic, Pokay, would do an incomplete live reading stream of the fic. Like Sneeg, he encouraged his viewers to not seek out the author.

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