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Name: Carrd
Type: multimedia
Fandom: not applicable
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Carrd, stylized carrd, is a web service that allows users to make their own custom one-page websites. They are particularly favored due to their customizability - it is easy to add images, change fonts, and otherwise personalize a carrd, which is not possible with other sites such as LinkTree.

Carrds are particularly favored on Twitter, where character limits in both tweets and bios encourage linking to an external site for information.

Fan Use

Carrd-made websites are used in a variety of ways in fandom. Many fans use them as an information hub, detailing fandoms, DNIs, favorite characters, linking to other social profiles, etc. In some roleplaying communities, carrds have come into use for storing RP character profiles. Many fanartists also use carrd for commission information - portfolios, terms of service, Will/Won't lists, etc.

The simplicity of carrd URLs makes them an attractive choice for compiling and spreading information about specific topics, such as a zine, ship, or campaign.

Example Carrds

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.