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Video Game Fandom
Name:Genshin Impact
Release date:Released 28 September 2020 's Republic of China
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Genshin Impact, known in East Asian countries as Genshin (Chinese: 原神, pinyin: Yuánshén; Japanese: 原神, rōmaji: Genshin; Korean: 원신, romaja: Wonsin), is an action role-playing gacha game developed and published by miHoYo. The story revolves around the protagonist's journey through the world of Teyvat to reunite with their sibling, along with the new adventures each region brings. As of late 2021, three of the seven initially planned regions have been released.


The release of Genshin Impact was highly anticipated.

In particular, some fans of the 2017 game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW) were hyped for Genshin due to perceived similarities between the two games,[1] such as the HD cell-shaded art style and open world environment.

There are cultural differences between the Chinese-Speaking Fandom and the English-Speaking Cmedia Fandom.

The fandom is active on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch. Officially, there is a popular Genshin Impact Discord server. Mihoyo also maintains their own platform, the Hoyoverse, where fans can interact.

Mihoyo also has a permissive and encouraging fanwork policy. They have freely declared that fanmade merchandise below 500pcs can be sold (with the exception of nendroids). Additionally, content creators in fandom can apply for the content creation program and be rewarded with in-game currency.

Controversies and Drama




As with other gacha games, the gacha system can be controversial in the gaming community. Some see the gacha system as unfair, and even exploiting addictive tendencies in players.

Anniversary Rewards

The first anniversary of Genshin Impact was on September 28, 2021. They announced in the official live stream rewards that there would be a daily log in event, a shop reset as well as various events going on during the update. They did not announce the mail rewards which players received a total of 1600 primos, an anniversary glider, four fragile resin, and furniture. This was originally leaked as a paid pack to buy after the promoted concert. The player base was displeased with the rewards, spamming Qiqi fallen emojis in the official discord the entire day of the anniversary.

Sumeru and Race

With the promotion and subsequent release of the Sumeru region in summer 2022, some fans took issue with the cultural inspirations of the nation as well as the designs of Sumerian characters. In contrast to the regions of Liyue and Inazuma, which are specifically inspired by China and Japan respectively, Sumeru is a mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures, without directly corresponding to any one nation. This mixing of differing cultures and traditions has been criticized, especially on Twitter (need good sources). Adding to the controversy, almost all the initially released Sumeru characters had light skin, sparking a discussion on racism and colorism on the part of Hoyoverse, as well as within the fandom. Some characters' outfits were also criticized as stereotypical and orientalist. This criticism was most prominent surrounding Dori, however some fans had similar criticisms about Nilou. These issues created a divide within the fandom, with some fans being vocal in their criticism (and a minority going on to threaten voice actors and others associated with the game) and others dismissing the issue's importance.


Genshin and DSMP

Fanon and Tropes

Following the release of Kaedehara Kazuha's story trailer, fans grew curious about the unnamed boy said to have been Kazuha's close friend before his death. Despite the fact that he remained nameless in the canon, fan content of him and Kazuha as a ship continued to accumulate and Kaedehara Kazuha's friend came to be dubbed by the fandom as Tomo. Tomo is taken from the japanese word 'Tomodachi', meaning friend.

Fan Theories and Speculation

One popular fan activity is debating the lore of Teyvat and the overall storyline. This takes the form of meta, usually posted on Reddit, Hoyoverse (the Mihoyo game platform for fans), Discord, or Twitter.


As a gacha game, the large and ever increasing cast of playable characters and NPCs from each of Teyvat's nations is one of Genshin Impact's major appeals.



  • Baizhu -- While not playable (and there not being announced plans to make him playable), his design has lead to his release being anticipated.
  • Beidou
  • Chongyun
  • Ganyu
  • Hu Tao
  • Keqing
  • Ningguang
  • Qiqi -- Qiqi is a cute child character that has a divided reception. As one of the 5 non-limited 5 stars, most react to receiving Qiqi with disappointment, and "pulling qiqi" is often seen as bad luck. People will often say things like 'at least it's not Qiqi' when you lose 50/50 (don't successfully gacha the character). This opinion comes about because Qiqi is an excellent healer but isn't as strong at other things, so she is very "off meta". However, she still has her fans for her cuteness and because it can make some parts of early or mid-game easier (as she is a strong healer).
  • Shenhe
  • Xiangling
  • Xiao -- Xiao is a well loved character. In fandom, he is perceived in two very different ways, due to the differences in voice acting and the translation in English as compared to Chinese and the other languages.
  • Xingqiu
  • Xinyan
  • Yanfei
  • Yelan
  • Yun Jin
  • Zhongli





  • Aloy -- a crossover unit with Horizon:Zero Dawn
  • Traveler -- The player can choose between either the male or female twin and rename them as they like, though the "default canon" names are Aether and Lumine respectively (in English - you may also see them referred to as Kong and Ying respectively, their Chinese names). While technically this is the player and many fans headcanon their own personality, there is a general fandom perception that Lumine is the more precise, elegant, and reserved twin while Aether is the more sunny and direct twin. This fanon perception emerges from slight differences in their animations.


The Genshin Impact fandom has a diverse shipping culture, with a wide variety of ships enjoying popularity in different subsets of the fandom. Due to what is seen by some fans as underutilization of playable characters in quests and the open world compared to NPCs, many ships are based on limited to no onscreen interaction. Furthermore, some ships, most notably KaeLuc, are the subject of intense debate.

Popular Ships

Note that these ships are not listed in "dynamic" order; that is, the first name is not necessarily the 'top' and the second the 'bottom'. Specifying this is very common in Chinese and Japanese fandom, so the culture in Genshin is usually to tag your work accordingly; not doing this can be the cause of wank. Additionally, some fans will only consume or produce content of one specific "dynamic"

Example Fan Works

Fan fiction

Genshin Impact has inspired plenty of fanfiction, and is one of the largest and fastest-growing fandoms on AO3. As of 04/04/2022 there are 65584 works in the Genshin Impact tag.

Fan art



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