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You maybe looking for the pairing term Juggernaut Ship.
Title: Juggernaut
Publisher: (2009) Agent With Style

2012 ("remastered" online edition)
2017 (rewritten version: Requiem Publications )
Author(s): Starshadow & Jeanne Marie Sosa
Cover Artist(s): Ashley J.
Illustrator(s): Nicci Popullus
Date(s): 2009 (print), 2012 (online, "remastered"), 2017 (print, download, CD, "rewritten")
Medium: print zine, fanfic, later online
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: on AO3 (since deleted), on K/S Archive
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Juggernaut is a slash K/S novel by Starshadow and Jeanne Marie Sosa.

Different Editions

It was first a print zine published by Agent With Style in 2009, and it was "re-mastered" when published online in 2012. It was rewritten and published by Requiem Publications in 1017.

2009 Print Edition

It contains 261 pages with a color cover by Ashley J and interior art by Nicci Popullus.

2012 Online Edition

Artist credits: Jubie, Nicci_Mac, Karracaz, arminaa, and Elfqueen (a link to the art). This edition has 89365 words.

The fic is located here with the warnings: Warnings: Dubious consent, Explicit violence, Incest, Infidelity, Non-consensual sex, Rape.

2017 Edition

The rewritten version is offered as a full size, 190 page print zine, with mostly b&w illos, 2 colour inserts, colour cover, from Requiem Publications. A PDF ezine with the art in full colour is also available. (The online publication art is not view-able correctly, according to the author). This version has additional illustrations by Elfqueen and others.


2009 Edition

front cover of the 2009 edition
Summary from the publisher, Agent With Style:
Stranded on the planet Alpha Vega IX, a lush, non-aligned world inhabited by a heterogeneous population desperately struggling to restore its civilization and regain a foothold on its devastated infrastructure following decades of catastrophic warfare, Captain James T. Kirk must do whatever is necessary in order to save the lives of both his emotionally damaged Vulcan bondmate and himself. Torn against his will from his highly valued role as starship captain, and without the force of Starfleet behind him, how will he find a way out for the two of them? How far will he boldly go in order to reclaim his beloved Spock’s very life? In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Kirk uncovers within himself an unflinching daring, even becoming involved in a sizzling ménage not of his own volition, ensnared in the grip of a ravaging monster the likes of which he has never before encountered!

2017 Edition

cover of the 2017 edition
Summary: Forced to leave Starfleet after being charged with a crime they did not commit, married couple James Kirk and Spock are living in exile on Alpha Vega IX. While Kirk struggles with losing his ship and career, it is Spock who takes their change in circumstances the hardest. While still committed to his bondmate, Spock grows more withdrawn emotionally than ever, and it's up to Jim to find a way to both support them, and to deal with his own needs. He turns to the oldest profession, but eventually, he cannot separate the act from the emotions and the situation between Jim and Spock worsens. A hurt comfort roller coaster ride.


Below are samples of the interior art by Nicci Mac.

Reactions and Reviews

Back in April, I was asked to put together a cover for Jean and Starshadow's novel "Juggernaut" (which didn't turn out too well in the digest zine format...but that's another story entirely). Once I agreed to work on the cover, the novel in its entirety was sent to me, and I set off to read, hoping to get some inspiration for the piece I was asked to do.

The premise of the novel is that Kirk and Spock. a bonded couple, have been booted from Starfleet and exiled on the planet Alpha Vega IX, penniless, due to being charged with a crime that they didn't commit The two live in a grubby flat in the city, struggling to pay rent and to keep themselves from starving, as well as "Water. Power. Disposal access. Payments to Inspection. Legal fees. Repayment of loans from our former crew members. Incidentals such as food, toiletries, nutritional supplements." In order to support himself and his bondmate, "Tee," Kirk's alias on this planet, enters into the profitable business of prostitution, which is facilitated by his friend Arkady. Due to their unfortunate circumstances, Spock has become withdrawn and sullen, crushed by the turn his life has taken, yet still committed to his bondmate. Jim, not getting the passion he desires from Spock, turns to his clients to fulfill his needs. But as is shown in the story, Jim's desires become addictive to him, and eventually causes serious problems to befall him and Spock. One chapter in, I realized that I wasn't going to stop reading anytime soon. A good amount of hours later, I had finished the entire story. And whew, what a story it was. A veritable roller coaster ride of angst and emotion, without question. This story may not sit well with everyone. There's a lot of sadness, heartbreak, and of course readers may not like the fact that Kirk is selling his body for money. Despite these things, the story is written beautifully, and in a very believable way. The authors made me understand why Jim was the "juggernaut" that he'd become after having his life taken away from him and having to witness such a drastic and sad change in Spock. Despite Kirk's sometimes questionable choices, I genuinely felt for him.

The sex scenes within the novel are superb. A few of them are not between Kirk and Spock at all, but rather between "Tee" and his clients. The first time we see Spock and Kirk make love is incredibly poignant and showcases the current relationship between them beautifully. There is one rendezvous between Kirk and Rh'Vaurek that may be one of the hottest, steamiest sex scenes I've ever read. Every encounter detailed between Kirk and his clients are essential to the plot, and have some kind of meaning to them. The moral issues that came up didn't bother me or dissuade me from reading at all. I love a novel that is deep, with many layers to the story and to the characters themselves. Jim and Spock are flawed individuals in "Juggernaut," and readers should come into this story expecting that. These are not the same two people that we've come to know so well through television and our own fiction. The authors have written them in this way because of a horrible situation they were put in, and their behavior stems from that. Yet, at the core, they are the same, and that shines through in the novel and gives it a lot of heart.

For those who have already read the novel, you know that the ending is left open-ended after a stunning occurrence in Kirk and Spock's lives. Good news for those of you who, like me, were left dying for more: there will be a sequel! The sequel will answer some of the burning questions that are left in the reader's mind at the end of the novel. I absolutely adored "Juggernaut," and I just can't wait to read more about these characters' harrowing lives. [1]
This was the hardest zine to get (at Shore Leave) and the most expensive. Agent with Style was producing and selling this zine for the writers. It was supposed to have come out on Saturday morning, but it was pushed back and didn't show up till Sunday morning, and even then she only had two copies. I mentally gasped at how much she wanted for the zine. I bought it because I collect K/S zines. The production value of the zine was excellent. It has a plastic cover front and back. The print was really dark and font just right for easy reading. It's one of the more well-made zines I've ever seen. Now enough prattling and on to the zine.

"Juggernaut" is an AU breakup Kirk/Spock story. The two bondmates are in exile by the Federation or Starfleet. It doesn't say. It starts off with them living in AlphaVega IX in the city of Pantruspis in the section of town called the Broken Mill Hill so you get the idea that they are broke and have run out of everything—credit, favors, etc. Kirk becomes a prostitute for money and Spock is a housewife/artist. The story has a slow pace; three fourths of it is about Kirk's clients and his job vs. Spock staying at home and hating what Kirk does. Their relationship is strained to the point where there is just the bonding but not much love there. Basically, Spock is the long suffering martyr; the cuckold spouse to Kirk. Kirk doesn't see anything wrong with what he is doing because the credits he brings back are all for their use. Spock felt like he is losing Kirk. There are hints of how they came to be in this circumstance in the story, but you don't really get the full truth until the last quarter of the story when Kirk gives it up to the Romulan literally and physically. The two memorable characters are Arkady Nicolaievitch Demidov, a Russian who is Kirk's best friend. He talks Kirk into being a prostitute and strangely enough made him a prostitute with some mind technique. The other is a very handsome Romulan named Rh'Vaurek, one of Kirk's last clients. The story is full of angst and tension between K&S about the things they do not say or air out to each other. Starfleet or the Federation literally took everything from them—passport, pilot licenses—and froze their accounts so they had nowhere to turn and are heavily in debt to their family and friends. The men were charged with dereliction of duty while on a mission. The story was going at a slow pace until I blinked and thought what the @#$%! It literally jumped the whale big time. They were charged with dereliction of duty because they and their science team were down on this planet taking readings on seismic activities. Kirk and Spock were standing on a promontory and a big tremor hit and Kirk slid down. Spock grabbed him but ended up sliding down with him. Kirk's back side from shirt to pants were ripped pretty bad and exposed Kirk's tush, but Spock's came out in better shape. Another tremor hit and caused it to affect the "spaceframe" around the ship, damaging one of the nacelles and causing the ship to list badly. Even though Kirk had given the order to reverse course at half impulse, it still caused damage. The other two member of the science team filed charges against them and testified against them. Since then, all of their resources have been trying to get reinstated, going for a third time. The second What the @#$% moment was when Kirk was with Rh'Vaurek as a client and Spock was attacked and drugged, which cause his mind disciplines to break down, and was raped. When Kirk found out, he tried to help for six weeks, before Spock cracked and ran off to live among mutant radioactive bums. Kirk spends the end of the story looking for Spock with Rh'Vaurek's and Arkady's help. When all else fails to locate Spock, Kirk asked for Rh'Vaurek's help. Of course both guys are in love with Kirk. This is the point where you find out that the split between Spock and Kirk happened way before the guilty verdict. Spock had gone into Pon Fan- did a pretty good job banging on Kirk and Kirk couldn't get over it. He became afraid of Spock and eventually had a long distance relationship with another officer on another ship.

Kirk tells all this to Rh'Vaurek. He sees in Rh'Vaurek all the things that he used to see in Spock. Rh'Vaurek is the only person he ever told anything about his past. Toward the end Rh'Vaurek was there to always comfort him.When he found out how much it would cost to heal Spock, he says it doesn't matter how much it costs or how many guys he would have to bang. Spock will be healed. He says it like someone who's doing it because of the bond rather than the love because he looks at Rh'Vaurek and at the closed bedroom door beyond which Spock lies many times. You can tell where his heart lies. I just saw the story as a break up story. Kirk loves the Romulan and vice versa and why shouldn't Kirk love him? Rh'Vaurek has been there for him whereas Spock was just so emotionally withdrawn and uncommunicative in the entire story. I don't see Spock like that in this kind of circumstance. I couldn't relate to this Spock. But that's just me. I mean even if they have nothing, a scientist with an A7 computer level background can't get a job in a science institution? Kirk couldn't have gotten a teaching job something? All their knowledge and experience and they could only be a prostitute and a housewife?

Other than these few bugs, the story is technically well-written except for a few wanky doughnut holes. I thought it was an interesting story, packaged well, and I would definitely keep it. [2]


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