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Name: Kaeya Alberich
Relationships: Diluc Ragnvindr (sworn brother)
Fandom: Genshin Impact
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Kaeya Alberich is a popular character in Genshin Impact. As one of the starter 4 star characters, he was present in the game upon release and is free to obtain for all players. His popularity in fandom is often attributed to his character design and his teasing, mysterious personality; he is also a focus of fan-speculation because of his potential ties to the overall story line.


Kaeya is an adult man with mid-tone skin, wearing European-style clothing that follows a blue-and-white color palette and features a number of four-pointed stars. His clothing shows off a significant amount of his chest (in a way some fans refer to as a "boob window"), and he wears an eyepatch. His hair and eyes are both dark blue; his visible pupil is also in the shape of a four-pointed star. The weapon he uses in the game is a sword, and his element is Cryo.

Kaeya is from Khaenri'ah and a member of the Alberich clan, which traditionally acted as regents for the rulers of Khaenri'ah.[1] Prior to canon, he was left in Mondstadt by his father with instructions to act as a spy. He was taken in by Crepus Ragnvindr and raised alongside his son, Diluc. He received his Vision (a divinely-bestowed artifact that allows its user to control a specific element) after a fight with Diluc over his background as a spy. He is ostensibly the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, but most of the city's horses are gone as a result of an expedition led by Varka. Kaeya is known to maintain contacts among the Treasure Hoarders and once got a group of Abyss Mages drunk for information. He is implied to understand the Hilichurl language. [2]

A surprising amount of Kaeya's current lore was disclosed in a temporary event quest called "Hidden Strife" that was primarily centered around a new skin for Diluc.[1]

Non-game material

In 2018, Genshin Impact also released a manga featuring several of the characters of Mondstadt, including Kaeya.


Kaeya's flirty demeanor, angsty backstory, and handsome appearance have all made him popular with fans. He features frequently in shipping and fanart. As one of the characters available upon release, many players have fond memories of when this character carried their team, potentially adding to his lasting popularity

Like several other characters with darker skintones, Kaeya has been criticized as an example of Hoyoverse's poor treatment of dark-skinned characters.

Some fans also take issue with his actions during his conflict with Diluc.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • From the beginning of the game, fans have speculated regarding Kaeya's connection to Khaenri'ah and his past as a spy. AUs in which Khaenri'ah or his father force him to choose between them and Mondstadt are common. Additionally, fics that feature Kaeya meeting with other characters associated with Khaenri'ah, such as Dainsleif and Albedo, are also popular.
  • Speculation about Kaeya's hidden eye has also been popular since the game's release. Later reveals have only fueled this interest.
  • Much of the fanfiction featuring Kaeya foregrounds his relationship with Diluc. Reconciliations between the two are extremely common and usually involve hurt/comfort elements. Such works may feature a platonic brotherly relationship or a romantic/sexual one.
  • Fans also enjoy speculating about Kaeya's father. After the release of the "A Winter Night's Lazzo" trailer, many fans speculated that the First Fatui Harbinger, Pierro, might be Kaeya's father.
  • Kaeya canonically mentors Bennett in swordfighting and frequently babysits Klee, so his relationships with those characters often feature in fanworks as well.
  • Kaeya's in-game ability to make ice bridges to cross water with is often used to comedic effect.


Kaeya is a popular character for shipping, particularly because of his often flirtatious voicelines. Some of the most popular ships involving Kaeya are:

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