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Name/s: Rossi
Fandom/s: X-Men Comics, X-Men Movieverse, Vertigo, Hellblazer, Firefly, LotR, Top Cow, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Subreality Cafe, The Common People, X-Project
You can find me at:; AO3; Dreamwidth
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Former member of the Comics Fandom from 1996-2002, with a background in research (I work as a legal assistant/law clerk) and a desire not to let things disappear. I have a tendency to forget to leave notes on things, so poke me if that's needed.

Currently I'm one of the modteam for X-Project and maintainer of the XP Wiki, so I know a fair bit of wiki coding already. I'm also taking note of some new tricks I learn here to bring back with me!

I'm crazy retentive about sorting things, so you'll see great swathes of category adding/amending from me as I go through various categories "cleaning up" the various contents. I occasionally get carried away and forget to explain my logic for certain decisions - please feel free to email me if there's something you don't understand (I react better to private pings than public call-outs) and I'll be happy to explain/discuss. I'm currently in the middle of sorting the contents of the year categories into relevant sub-categories, as well as the same for the Star Trek category. I also check the Orphaned Pages, Uncategorized Files and Uncategorized Pages/Dead End Pages links daily to avoid stuff piling up, plus certain Special Pages items like red-linked categories and unused files. It fills the days when I don't have a lot of work to do!


Notable Fanworks

Writing Partners

Round Robins and Subreality:


  • Moderator - X-Project - 2007-2010; 2012-current


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Handy Templates

(gleaned from User: Seperis)

  • Template:AbbrevAcronym - Template for Adding a Redirect With Acronym - For example, ASC redirects to Alt_Startrek_Creative but also is added to the acronym and glossary categories when you use this template. Use this when adding acronym redirects.
  • Template:CharacterProfile - Template for an article about a Character - Template does not include categories. You will need to add those manually.
  • Template:CommunityProfile - Template for an article about a Community - Template includes categories. However, for a Challenge, add Category:Challenge.
  • Template:Fanwork - Template for an article about a Fanwork - Template does not contain categories. You will need to add those manually.

{{SeeAlso |See also=[[Subreality Central]], [[Kielle]], [[Subreality Cafe]], [[Common People Warehouse]], [[Outside The Lines]], [[CBFFA]], [[CFAB]] }}

Help:Fanfiction Pages/Template

Help:People pages/Fan Template

Reference Materials (add links page as subpage to Jedi Discipline) - refs The Time Traveller (1932 zine) and The Fantasy Fan (1935) international zines Book of Zines Zine Resources

To Do List



Timeline of Women in Comics Fandom - added CFAN, the Big Three Archives, Alicia, Lise and QB.

Justice Society of America

Sandman (Marvel)

Charles Xavier - expand

Excalibur (X-Men) - expand from stub

X-Men - increase fanworks section

Australian Science Fiction Review - complete page

Classic Comics U.K. Zines - add pages for linked zines

Mailing Lists to add?

SKH's fanfic list

dc-fanfic-fanart -- DC characters participatory fanfic list

Haven Corridor -- DC characters fanfic list

Kicking-n-Byting -- Oracle and Black Canary fanfic list

Comicslash -- all comic characters slash

DCcomicslash -- DC characters slash

NC17ToonFiction -- Cartoon and comics adult fic

secondbananas -- DC secondary characters fanfic list

RoyHarper -- Arsenal-centic list

tempest_talk -- Tempest-centric list

Arsenal/Nightwing slash -- Arsenal/Nightwing slash list

Batman And Superman -- Batman/Superman slash list

Golden Age Comic Smut -- older characters adult fic list

Robin Slash -- Robin slash fic list

Alara Rogers' fanfic list

Smitty's Potatoverse fanfic list


Smitty recs

Vision Comics Interview with Samy

CFAN review page

Shade's Reviews

Itty Bitty Bit O' Praise

CrackVan LJ

CrackVan DW

TVTropes recs

Lori's Links page

Lori's Gatchaman page

Lori's Corner

Comic Fan History site - needs Wayback

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Pages Added

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Category Clean Up

All items (pages and images) sorted into their specific year and type categories. Categories sorted so that the decades appear first in the "By Year" container category and everything else by specific year in chronological order. Strikethrough indicates the category has been reviewed, sorted and completed.