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This is a sample page structure for a page about an individual fanfic. Examples: Down to Agincourt, My Immortal (Harry Potter story), Yesterday Upon The Stair, and When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun. When you create a page, you can copy the text below and paste it into the blank edit window to begin editing the page.

All of the wording in this template is intended as a placeholder for the actual content of your page - but you don't have to use all of it! Replace the placeholder text with whatever you want to put on the page, and if you don't have anything to put there, you can leave out that section or remove the text. (Please don't leave the placeholder text in the page!)



(Description of fanfic: title, fandom, author, and pairing. Date it was made. Did the fic win any awards? Was it part of a challenge or a Big Bang?)

(Summary: you can enclose the author's summary for the fic in a {{Quotation| }} template, or you can create your own.)

(Other observations/facts about the fic)

==Author's Notes==
(Some authors post extensive notes about the fic; quote them here)

{{Quotation|QUOTE TEXT HERE}}

(Notes on plot, characterization, ships, etc. Can also quote from the body of the fic)

(Brief [1-2 paragraph] plot summary of the fic, if not enough detail is given in the author's summary)

===Writing Style===
(Details on any notable stylistic features, such as perspective, SPaG/use of grammatical constructs, use of literary devices, or use of references to other works or fandoms)


{{Quotation|QUOTE TEXT HERE}}

{{Quotation2|QUOTE TEXT HERE}}

(If applicable, an overall description of how the fic was received if it was one that was particularly popular or left its mark on the fandom)

==Reactions and Reviews==
(Quote or discuss any recs, reviews or other fannish reactions).

{{Quotation|QUOTE TEXT HERE}}

{{Quotation2|QUOTE TEXT HERE}}

==Fanworks and Fan Activity==
(Summary/discussion of fan activity regarding the work, such as interaction between fans of the fic on social media, interaction of author with fans, impact of the work in fandom spaces, etc.)

===Related Fanworks===
(Bulleted list of relevant fanworks or meta)

*[LINK TO FANWORK fanwork title] by [name] (Date of fanwork)


[[Category:NAME OF FANDOM]] (or [[Category:FANDOM Fanfiction]] if a more specific fanfic category exists for your fandom. Use [[Category:Crossover Fanfiction]] if the fic is multifandom)
[[Category:YEAR OF FIC]]