Down to Agincourt

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Title: Down to Agincourt
Author(s): Seperis
Date(s): 2014-present
Length: ~1,000,000 words (as of July 2016)
Genre: slash
Fandom: Supernatural
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Down to Agincourt is an epic literary canon-divergent Dean/Cas series by Seperis.

It is set in the post-apocalyptic Endverse (a parallel reality created by writer Ben Edlund for the series' episode “The End,” 5x04).

The outcome's known. Why try?
Return your rusty sword to battered sheath,
bow your head and bend your stubborn knee. Why
take the field when you cannot win the war?
But Harry -- he went down to Agincourt.

- Harry Takes the Field by Bratfarrar

As of January 2019, the stories have generated over 4,500 comments on AO3. The series is known for its expansive worldbuilding, plot twists and quality OCs. It has also inspired many other fanworks.

The Series

While technically a WIP, the author has stated in private communication that the series, which will eventually be comprised of eight books, has already been completed in advance of its release. However, the series has not been updated since April 25, 2017.

Fanworks and Fan Activity

Down to Agincourt has inspired a fanwork collection on AO3.

Fans of the series, calling themselves Agincourt Agitators Anonymous (A3), also have a tumblr page, a twitter account, and a subreddit for discussion, as well as an annual competition called the Camp Chitaqua Games, named after the fictitious Kansas location of the story.

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