Henry V

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Name: Henry V
Creator: William Shakespeare
Date(s): 1599
Medium: play
Country of Origin: UK
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Shakespeare's play, dealing with the events leading up to and immediately following the Battle of Agincourt, has enjoyed many notable TV and film productions over the years in addition to numberless presentations on both the amateur and the professional stage.

The two most important modern versions of the story are usually considered to be those directed by and starring Laurence Olivier from 1944 and Kenneth Branagh from 1989, and each has its adherents. Olivier's jingoistic production was designed with wartime morale-boosting in mind, hence the saturated colours and the exaggerated rhetoric. Branagh's production emerged from an earlier post-Falklands stage presentation and emphasises the cruelty and tragedy of war without neglecting its opportunities for both heroism and gallantry.

In 2012, the BBC broadcast a new version of Henry V as part of the history cycle in The Hollow Crown starring fan darling Tom Hiddleston as Henry V and other fan favorites Ben Whishaw (as Richard II) and Jeremy Irons (as Henry IV.)